Incredibowl i420 Review

The Incredibowl i420 is NOT a vaporizer, so what is it doing on Vaporizer Sale? Well, the Incredibowls are said to deliver such a smooth smoking experience that many have compared it to vaporizing.

I’ll try to be as objective as possible in explaining the i420’s different attributes and how they compare or differ from vaporizing so by the end of this review you have an idea of whether or not the Incredibowl pipe is right for you.

If you own or have used the Incredibowl i420 feel free to submit your ratings, reviews, and tips after reading.

Incredibowl i420 First Impressions

My immediate first reaction, from pictures online to the second I opened up, was “Cool.”

The look and idea of this odd pipe intrigued me.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Deluxe edition (thanks EZVapes), which aside from the Incredibowl i420 itself comes with some extra screens and o-rings, a metal poker, 2 replacement glass bowls, and most importantly the heavy duty lockable carrying case.

Incredibowl i420

When opening up the case, all the extras and the Incredibowl are all packed in a form fitting shock resistant foam, so transporting your new Incredibowl i420 will not only be very easy but also you will not have to worry about breaking any of the glass parts.

The Incredibowl pipe itself is light weight and the aluminum “Bowl Armor” seems very, very durable. Also the chamber is made of shatter proof polycarbonate which can even take thousands of pounds of pressure from a car running it over without breaking (think Billy Mays).

My First i420 Incredibowl Experience

So I just took my first pull from the i420 Incredibowl pipe. Interesting to say the least. Right out of the gate my i420 continuously gave huge, heavy-hitting pulls. In my opinion, this is about as close as you are going to get to a water pipe effect without using any actual water. The Incredibowl provided a much smoother pull than your average (or even above average) portable pipe, but was still nothing like vaporizing. I tasted the butane, I knew I was smoking.

The Incredibowl i420 After Continued Use

After about a month and a half now and I am surprised to report I have in fact used and enjoyed my Incredibowl i420 despite my dedication to vaporization. Recently I went to an outdoor festival and was meeting some of friends in the parking lot to do a little “pre-gaming”.

This time, when I reached for a portable device I selected the i420 instead of my NO2 or MFLB (choices, choices). Many of my friends still don’t have vaporizers of their own yet (slow learners) and they all loved the instant familiarity of the Incredibowl. Some people just still are not ready to vaporize. And that’s OK, they’ll catch up.

I still don’t see where it draws any comparisons to a vaporizer. Many people who aren’t ready for vaporizing, for whatever reason that may be, should not look at the Incredibowl as a stepping stone into vaporizing. It just isn’t. It’s a smooth portable smoking pipe that offers portability with an excellent smoking experience normally reserved for a water tool.

Incredibowl Eclipse

Black and Purple Incredibowl i420 with green Eclipse vaporizer attachment for use with oils and concentrates.

Cleaning the Incredibowl was surprisingly easy as well. The only parts that need cleaning are the glass bowls and the screen. Screens are of course replaced and in my time with the Incredibowl I have yet to replace the screen because it still looks great, granted it is in limited use.

The bowls themselves were very resistant to resin build up which pleasantly surprised me. Anytime I think of smoking I think of resin, it smells like crap and gets everywhere. No thank you. The Incredibowl did of course get some resin build up on the bowl but it was slow and easy to clean. I also kept up with soaking the bowls over night after use though, so someone less diligent in cleaning than myself might have a different experience.

My only real complaint about the Incredibowl is that the small glass bowl itself can easily get accidentally “pushed in” and can be very difficult and time consuming to get out depending on how far you push it in and the size of your fingers. Just make sure you don’t push the bowl in too far before use as it can be a giant pain in the ass to get back out.

The Final Word on The Incredibowl i420

Every now and then ease and convenience trumps all logical reason and I choose to smoke rather than vaporize, and that is where my Incredibowls (I have the m420 too) come in. That’s just me though, I vaporize like it’s my job. The i420 is however convenient, reliable, and super high-quality so I give it a bit of airplay despite the fact it’s not a vaporizer. If the Incredibowl was handed to me before I really got into vaporizing I would have been floored by this product.

The Incredibowl is after all a pipe and not a vaporizer, so using it is nothing like the experience you get from vaporizing. However, if you are into vaporizers but still enjoy a bit of nostalgia from time to time, the Incredibowl i420 Deluxe is a new and interesting spin on the traditional old school pipe.

Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are vaporizing. You are putting a flame to your material and achieving combustion, and that is the exact opposite of vaporizing my friend.

Now let me speak for a moment as if I have never vaporized: Please bear with me as it may be difficult. The Incredibowl pipe is awesome. It’s not overly expensive, lasts forever and only uses a small amount of material. Did we mention the smoke? Extremely smooth. I can tell you as someone who vaporizes almost exclusively, I do not regret buying an Incredibowl. Not at all. In fact, I’m happy I did. You should too.

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