I recently reviewed the Incredibowl i420 so I figured it is only right to rate the newer and smaller model, the Incredibowl Mini m420.

The Incredibowl Mini m420 is a smoke pipe designed to combat the most common complaint about the Incredibowl i420, which was it was a little too big to be completely portable and, unless you pony up for the Deluxe Edition that has the carrying case, wasn’t convenient enough to take it with you on the go.

Leave your rating or comment at the bottom of the page and rate the m420 if you’ve tried it. Here is my review of the Incredibowl Mini m420:

Incredibowl Mini m420 First Impressions

I recently purchased an Incredibowl m420, mostly because of all the hype I came across online. Yes, I know it is not a vaporizer, I am breaking my golden rule – but let’s just call it an experiment in the name of science for now. I got mine about a month or so after I had my original Incredibowl i420.

At first glance I thought the mini m420 looked exactly like a bigger Incredibowl i420 pipe had been left in the dryer a bit too long. It seriously looks identical, just 3/4 the scale. To be more specific, the i420 measures about 7 and ½ inches long whereas the Mini m420 is about 5 inches.

As far as portability, the Incredibowl mini does deliver. The m420 smoke pipe is small enough to slide right in your pocket, assuming you’re not wearing skin tight jeans. If you’re female and carry a purse or hand bag then it will most definitely fit.


Blue Incredibowl m420 with matching Quick Draw, extra glass bowl, and deluxe hard case.

My First Incredibowl Mini m420 Experience

The first time using the Incredibowl Mini was pretty much like using the i420. Very fast, efficient, and effective. The expansion chamber of the m420 is much smaller than the i420 and so in turn is the opening for your mouth which is more comfortable if you ask me.

Lighting the m420 is a bit easier than the larger i420 because you can see the bowl with less difficulty than you would have while using the i420, which can lead you to blindly light the bowl unevenly. The pulls from the m420 are still smooth but because there is less room for the smoke to expand, a bit harsher than the Incredibowl i420. The smoke is also a bit hotter since it has less time to cool while traveling through the standard tube. The Incredibowl m420 does have an expansion chamber you can purchase though, and that should allow for a larger volume of smoother, cooler smoke from the mini.

When pulling the “Bowl Armor” to carb my new high-tech steam roller for the first time, I felt is seemed somewhat less solid than my i420. Like I could rip it apart with my bare hands if I really wanted to.  It is worth mentioning since the m420 pipe does not come with a lifetime guarantee like the i420. I was unfortunate enough to experience first-hand exactly why that is.

I was carrying my m420 in the small cardboard box it comes in, about to try it out and start my review, when I dropped it like a dummins by accident. When I picked up the box I found the Bowl Armor held up but the glass bowl inside was shattered. It is also worth mentioning that I dropped on the carpet, not very thick carpeting granted, but it still shattered. So the “Bowl Armor” in this case definitely did not work as intended. I attribute this to the facts that the interior glass bowl is closer to the aluminum Bowl Armor which is also thinner than the i420.

Email makes my brain hurt,  so I called the website where I bought it, EZVapes, and they offered to send me a replacement bowl that day. They also waived the shipping fee. Perfect. I had the new bowl in 2 days. Most vapes or pipes you buy might need parts or accessories from time to time and it pays to order from a place that actually stocks them and also answers their phone. Discounts help too, check out our coupons page for those.

Incredibowl Mini m420 After Consistent Use

Cleaning was pretty standard, just soaking the glass bowls in rubbing alcohol or solvent overnight.  The m420, because of its smaller bowl, needs to be cleaned more often than the i420. You are going to want to have at least 1 or 2 extra replacement bowls on hand to use when cleaning the bowl you have been using.

The Final Word on The Incredibowl Mini m420

The Incredibowl Mini m420 to me is a bit of a trade off when compared to the Incredibowl i420. If you are looking for portability and affordability  and are willing to sacrifice a bit in the durability department for the pocket size of Incredibowl Mini is for you. I personally think the Incredibowl i420 is a superior smoking experience and well worth the extra price but I gotta give the m420 much love for being ridiculously fast, and convenient to use at a moment’s notice and is more in line with my normal policy of  “as portable as possible”.

I vaporize 99% of the time BUT when it comes to smoking my herbal blends, the Incredibowl i420 & m420 are the only 2 non-vape pipes I would even consider using on a regular basis. The Incredibowls truly are quality products, the craftsmanship is solid and they work as advertised. If you are looking to get away from the same old boring, outdated pipes and try something new the m420 is a great buy. I suggest you check it out.

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