Iolite Portable Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Iolite is a very popular butane powered portable herbal vaporizer that has been around for a while and continues to sell at a rapid pace. The Iolite comes in a ton of colors and I attribute that as one of the reasons it does sell so well, people like options and to personalize not only their vapes but pretty much anything.

A vaporizer can definitely be one of those things that people are very defensive about. I know I personally sometimes find myself vehemently defending vaporizing in general against people who just don’t understand it, or don’t care to.

The Iolite vaporizer brings portability and personality but is the vaporizing experience as good as its cosmetic perks? Take a jump and find out.

Iolite First Impressions

The Iolite comes in a nice cardboard box that has the Iolite itself kind of floating in Earth’s orbit. Maybe a bit dramatic but it looks really cool. I like when vapes are packaged in something other than a standard cardboard box. It gives me the first impression that I’m using a vape that the manufacturer was proud enough to box in a nice way and it makes me believe in the product a little more right off the bat.

When I slid the cardboard lid off there was the Iolite vaporizer displayed prominently and outlined by a cardboard holder that came off so you can grab the vape out of there. After removing that cardboard slip you see the Iolite is actually in a plastic tray that had some other parts and a carrying case that I will get into in a bit.

The Iolite itself was very light weight, something you expect from a portable vape and especially one at highly touted as this one. The polycarbonate body didn’t seem all too durable though, I don’t see this thing taking many falls without breaking or cracking. The body of the Iolite is smooth and rounded so it fits your hand very nicely. So comfort will not be a concern.

The right half of the Iolite has a number of vents that are presumably to vent the heat in the Iolite during use, so it doesn’t get too hot. Since it is hand held it is important that these vents do their job because if the Iolite gets too hot to hold while using it you are going to have problems.

On the bottom of the Iolite portable vaporizer is a small trigger that pushes into the vape. This trigger is what actually ignites the butane and in turn makes the Iolite vaporize. The trigger actually can form right into your palm, making igniting the Iolite as easy as squeezing the Iolite.

Above the trigger is a small a little horizontal switch with “1” and “0” labeled on each side. This switch is actually the power switch in a way. When set to 0 the Iolite can’t be triggered. So if you are storing it in your pocket definitely remember to set it to 0.

At the top of the Iolite is both the mouthpiece and the hole to insert butane into. Initially I don’t know how I feel about the mouthpiece as it is plastic and sticks right out of the top. Having it sticking straight out of the top would make putting the Iolite in your pocket a little annoying. It does unscrew but do you really want to be unscrewing the mouthpiece each time?

The mouthpiece pulls off to expose the herb chamber which had a funny looking spike sticking out of the middle of it. This funny looking spike turns out to be something that heats up with the rest of the herb chamber to help vaporize the material evenly.

When I lifted up the plastic tray I found a very nice and in depth operating manual that also had an insert that specifically touched on cleaning and operating the Iolite vaporizer in 4 simple steps. Under that was a nice little carrying pouch that zippers shut and the inside has a strap to hold the Iolite down and a pouch for your mouthpiece and other accessories.

Inside the case there was an extra screen, some cleaning materials, and even a mouthpiece extension. So if you find the vapor too hot the added mouthpiece extension should help. This is usually something a company would sell separately for additional profit so it is nice that it is included.

So just as advertised, based off look and feel alone I am left impressed with the Iolite. Aside from the polycarbonate body not feeling all that tough, but that is just by feel.

My First Iolite Experience

Time to test the most important part of any vaporizer, the vapor quality and ease of use. I of course started by grinding my material and then removing the mouthpiece of the Iolite to expose the herb chamber. I dropped a pinch of herb into the Iolite, I actually used the little herb scoop that comes with the Vapir NO2 because it seemed to use the perfect amount. (I told you in the NO2 review I use that scoop a lot)

After dropping my material in I sealed the mouthpiece back on top. I have to say that the mouthpiece can be a little difficult to line up and slide back on some times. It was never something where I couldn’t get it on there eventually but sometimes I did feel stupid fumbling around with it.

With the mouthpiece on top it was time to heat this thing up. I flicked the switch from 0 to 1 and pressed in the trigger, this lit a small yellow light in the middle of the vents so you know it is ignited. After about a minute I began to pull and wasn’t really getting much.

As time went on over about another minute I started to get some nice vapor pulls from it. The only thing was the pulls were kind of “airy” which is the best way I can describe it. They definitely had vapor but it was just kind of light.

After several more pulls a slight butane taste became apparent as well. It wasn’t overbearing and it definitely wasn’t as bad as if you were to smoke, but it was still there. The Iolite has a pretty annoying hissing sound as well, which is just the Iolite venting its heat which is necessity, but still annoying.

This brings me to the vents on the side of the Iolite. They definitely can heat up on you. Maybe not to the point where it isn’t able to be held, but definitely enough to think it may be overheating a little bit.

After I started to get the stale flavor I knew it was time to dump it out and repack. When I dumped out my material I was surprised to see it had burned in some spots. Perhaps this is when I was getting the butane flavor. Most was vaporized but I now knew to be more cautious when heating the Iolite vaporizer to avoid combustion.

Iolite After Consistent Use

The Iolite is definitely portable, I can say that much. The way it is designed with the butane lighting going on within the vape makes it essentially wind resistant. So using it while say, snowboarding or riding a bike is definitely possible.

Unlike with most other vaporizers, the more I used the Iolite I never got a sense I was truly mastering it. I continually feel like I’m still guessing if I’m doing it right. Sometime I have to hit the trigger several times to find out if I have it ignited and good to go. Also I encountered times where the LED light came on but I wasn’t getting vapor because it wasn’t yet ignited.

As far as butane levels I found that a full pack of butane can last through about an hour, or a little under, of vaporizing. The length of time you get isn’t really a problem but the fact that you never really know when the butane has run out is. There is nothing on the Iolite to tell you what level the butane is at. This guessing game can get more than annoying.

My concerns about the durability of the Iolite were unwarranted. I tend to use the Iolite when I’m out and need something discrete. I’ve dropped it numerous times without any serious damage to the vape at all. So don’t worry about bringing the Iolite anywhere and everywhere.

I see now why the Iolite does come packaged with the mouthpiece extension. I found this to almost be less of an option and more of a necessity. The extension made the vapor a lot smoother but still didn’t help the fact that I felt like the vapor was really light. This mostly has to do with the Iolite not being able to be adjusted temperature wise. Some like the simplicity of not having to set a temperature but to me it is inconvenient and takes options away from me.

The Final Word on the Iolite Portable Herbal Vaporizer

I am not really sure how I feel about the Iolite. On one hand it has simple operation but on the other it doesn’t let you set a temperature so the easiness of the operation is detracting personal vaporizing preference from you. With other vapes that don’t let you set a temperature, like the Magic Flight Launch Box, it doesn’t seem anywhere near as big a problem because the vapor quality is much better.

If you need a vaporizer that is very tiny, ultra portable, and as discrete as they come then the Iolite is right down your alley. Just know that the Iolite is not without its flaws and you would be best to temper expectations on vapor quality in place of portability.

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