iVape Vaporizer Review

First of all let’s get this out of the way, this vape is not made by Apple. Steve Jobs has nothing to do with the iVape. There, now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about what the iVape really is. This vape is a box style vaporizer, no LED temperature read out, made by Dr Greens. One thing I noticed is the Aztec like design of the vape.

It sets itself apart from other typical box style vaporizers which is good considering there are so many. This vape uses a metal heating element and is constructed of natural wood. It isn’t hands free because you have to hold the whip to the heating element, the whip itself is your standard plastic tubing with a glass mouthpiece.

What do I like about the iVape Vaporizer?

Again, I have trouble finding something that really sticks out over the huge crowd of box style vaporizers. Like I mentioned above, I do like the design. When I say it has an Aztec look I am talking basically about those pictures of old Aztec type pyramids. Just something I thought of when I saw the vape. The iVape Vaporizer would be good for any first timers to vaporizing since it is easy to use and delivers a decent enough quality vapor.

The heat up time for this vape is on the higher side however. To fully heat up to the recommended temperature you are looking at about a 10 minute wait time. The only other thing I would have a complaint about, even when recommending this to a first timer, is that it isn’t hands free. Having to hold the whip against the heating element can of course become cumbersome for most people.

Here’s what comes with the iVape:

  • iVape Vaporizer
  • Herb Grinder
  • Instruction Manual

Need a little assistance getting the iVape to work? Take a peek at our easy step by step instructions for the iVape.

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