The Magic Flight Launch Box has a couple different options for you to make your experience with it better and easier. The Magic Flight is extremely easy to use to begin with but having some accessories to make it a little easier can never hurt.

Magic Flight Draw Whip

The draw whip is hands down the best of the 3 accessories for the Magic Flight in my opinion. Not only does the draw whip make the vapor cooler but it enables you to take much larger hits than normal.

Also if you happen to own a Vapman the draw whip can actually fit over it’s mouthpiece so you can use it with that too. Using it with the Vapman you share the same advantages you do with the Magic Flight.

Price: $5.85

Magic Flight Battery Pack

The battery pack is to make your life a little easier if you are using the Magic Flight often. Basically you get 2 extra batteries, complete with the black rubber caps, so that you can always have a pair of batteries charging.

So in the end you will never not have a battery to use with the Magic Flight. Unless of course you forget to throw a pair on the charger. But that’s your problem.

Price: $14.85

Magic Flight Mouthpiece (Stem)

This accessory I have to be honest is really more of a replacement part. If you lose your mouthpiece or break it or something you’ll want to pick one of these up.

I’ve been using my Magic Flight for over a year now and haven’t had to replace the mouthpiece, or even clean it really. But ultimately having an extra mouthpiece can’t hurt.

Price: $1.95

I ended up getting all the accessories through because they had an accessory pack that saves you a couple bucks.

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