The Magic Flight Launch Box is a very small portable herbal vaporizer that is probably regarded as not only one of the most popular portable vaporizers, but also one of the best. Obviously its high quality has a lot to do with it being popular but it is also very inexpensive, making it a great buy for someone not sure about vaporizing.

After seeing so much about the Magic Flight Launch Box I had to pick one up for myself and see what it was all about.

MFLB First Impressions

The Magic Flight came in a small and sleek tin, with Magic Flight’s logo on it. I snapped the tin open, revealing the Magic Flight itself, a battery charger, 2 batteries with rubber caps, a plastic mouthpiece, a mini brush, and the instructions. There was a whole lot packed in this small tin.

The Magic Flight unit itself is extremely small, fits right in the palm of my hand. Its wood has a nice unique looking design to it with a short paragraph written by the manufacturer on the back and the Magic Flight Launch Box logo on top. It is really nice looking. On top there is a little sliding plastic piece that covers or exposes the herb chamber.

The herb chamber is like a trench with a screen layered over the entire thing. In the front of the Launch Box there is a hole where the plastic mouthpiece is inserted. Then finally on the right side of the vaporizer there is the hole where the battery is put in to use the Magic Flight. When all assembled together, with the battery inserted and the mouthpiece in the front, the Magic Flight is still extremely small.

The two AA batteries each had a rubber cap on top of them, which I’m assuming is to relieve your hand when you are pushing the battery in the Magic Flight to use it. Both batteries were a blank gray as well, they weren’t energizer brand or anything like that. The charger for the batteries was all white and plastic, but had 2 small lights under each battery slot. These blink green when charging and then turn solid green when the battery above it is fully charged.

The tiny brush that is included looks perfect for brushing off the screen in the Magic Flight. Looking at this brush I immediately thought of the other vapes I could use a brush this small with. Kind of like how I use the Vapir NO2 herbal scoop with vapes other than the NO2.

So the Magic Flight vape itself looks great with the unique wood design and markings and all the accessories included seem to be made very well. I am initially impressed with the Magic Flight Launch Box.

My First Magical Flight

I took a pinch of ground up herbs and placed them in the trench of the Magic Flight’s herb chamber. I filled it right up to where the trench ends and there are 2 ledges, one on each side. After that I slid the plastic piece back over the herb chamber to seal it and grabbed a battery.

When I inserted the battery into the Magic Flight Launch Box I saw a tiny amber light go on inside the herb chamber, to let me know the Magic Flight was heating up. Then almost instantly I saw vapor accumulate under the plastic piece, inside the herb chamber. When I pulled from the mouthpiece stem I got a nice large pull of vapor. I was shocked at how big the pull was with such a tiny vape. The vapor was also surprisingly cool.

While I was using the first battery I left the other battery on the charger and after every couple pulls I would switch them because I had seen in a lot of reviews the batteries don’t last very long. This method seemed to work fine, never running out of juice on both batteries at any time.

When I was done I slid the plastic top piece aside and dumped out the used material. There was a little still resting on the screen but it easily brushed off with the included mini brush. I knew that thing would come in handy. From there it was clean and ready for another go around. Clean up was very simple.

Also I noticed that the MFLB didn’t give off a very strong odor that another vape might. I mean, you could smell it, but it was no where as bad as other times with other vapes.

Launch Box After Consistent Use

The Magic Flight Launch Box really is a great portable vaporizer. All my initial good impressions of the Magic Flight still remain. It has always been extremely easy to clean after each use and that little brush is one of the best things to ever come with a vape. I use it constantly.

The Magic Flight Launch Box seems to be very durable as well. That plastic top piece that slides to open the herb chamber is built really solid, even though I first thought it would end up being a problem, it seems it isn’t. Also I thought this little window would end up getting all yellow from the vapor, but it remains completely clean both inside and out. I may have to clean it eventually but so far so good after some real consistent use.

Also I really want to recommend you pick up the draw whip for the Magic Flight. The plastic mouthpiece works great, but the whip just made the vaporizing experience better. Having the draw whip attached to the Magic Flight gives the vapor a little more time to cool down so naturally it’s a smoother experience. Also the whip is pretty cheap so there’s really no reason not to pick one up.

The Magic Flight portable vaporizer cools down almost as fast as it heats up. You don’t have to worry about the unit heating up on you at all, it was never too hot to hold. The rubber caps on the batteries did end up really coming in handy too. Although the Magic Flight unit itself doesn’t really heat up the batteries definitely can. The rubber caps help with this and also kind of help your hand from cramping or anything like that when pushing the battery in.

Speaking of the batteries I have to dispel what I have come to discover as a myth about the Magic Flight. The batteries last far more than 4 pulls each. I was getting 8 to 12 out of each battery. Also using the trick I mentioned above of just swapping out batteries after every couple hits made it so I never was without at least 1 charged battery. Pretty much every review or forum discussion I have seen on the Magic Flight has said the batteries don’t last.

The Final Word

The Magic Flight Launch Box is an amazing portable herbal vaporizer. Really, that’s it. Add on the fact that the Magic Flight Launch Box gives off little to no odor and you have the dream portable vape for those who have to be discrete.

I would highly recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box for someone looking for a cheap portable vape and haven’t found something to their liking yet.

If you have a charged battery ready to go you can start vaporizing with the Magic Flight Launch Box in less than a minute. Let the impatient rejoice.

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