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The Myrtlezap Vaporizer is a small hand made vaporizer that was created by Aromazap. Which happens to be the name of their original vaporizer they made, the Myrtlezap is essentially an upgrade. Aromazap is a company founded by a husband and wife in 2001 when, as far as I can tell, they got bored and decided to make a vaporizer.

This vape is pretty tiny and can be held comfortably in your hand. The story of the Myrtlezap and it’s brother from another mother the Purple-Days Vaporizer is a pretty long involved story. But basically the Aromazap gave itself an over-haul by adding myrtle wood to it’s design, since it is denser and can hold heat better than it’s predecessor.

The main thing about myrtle wood though is it’s look. It has an absolutely gorgeous look to it and each one is very unique in it’s own way. The vape employs a brass heating element that heats up in about 30 to 45 minutes. I know what you are thinking, “that is wayyy too long”and normally I would agree with you, but here’s the thing: it is designed to be left on for use whenever you want.

So basically the Myrtlezap is ready when you are if you are willing to keep it plugged in. Also included with this vaporizer is a unique aromatherapy bowl that is flower shaped with a little dragonfly on it. Each of these aromatherapy bowls is hand made by the owners, the wife Pat to be exact. It’s really nice looking and an added bonus.

Here’s the full list of what comes with the Myrtlezap Vaporizer:

  • Myrtlezap Vaporizer
  • Aromatherapy Bowl
  • 2 Nylon Vapor Stems
  • Food Grade Tubing (Primo Kit)
  • Car Charger (Primo Kit)
  • Small Packing Tool
  • ZaPolish Cleaner
  • Lavender Essential Oils
  • Instruction Manual

The way it is used is by filling the tip of a small nylon tube with your herb and placing it in the top of the vape. Once there you lift the whole unit and pull from the end of the nylon short tube to get the vapor. If you purchase the “Primo Deluxe Kit” for only an additional five dollars you also get food grade tubing(which I’ll get into what that is used for shortly), a car adapter, and myrtle wood that has been aged 50 years. The aged wood has 20% more mass, which helps it hold heat extremely well.

What do I like about the Myrtlezap Vaporizer?

Well there isn’t much not to like. This vaporizer is about as popular as you can get for one that hasn’t been marketed or advertised very much and has been around for almost 10 years now. Above I mentioned in the Primo Kit you get food grade tubing and you might be asking yourself what that is for considering it already comes with two short nylon tubes to pull from, well you can either turn it into one big vapor whip using the tubing or even make the vape compatible with your water pipe.

How this is done is you load herb into the one vapor stem and then stick the open mouthpiece end into one end of the tube. Next you would take the other empty nylon stem and put the herb end into the other end of the food grade tubing, basically making on big whip with it. Then simply insert the herb packed stem into the Myrtlezap and the open mouthpiece nylon stem into your water pipe’s bowl slider.

To me this is awesome to have so much versatility from a vaporizer. Whichever way you choose to use the Myrtlezap you really can’t go wrong.

I got nice and big taste-filled hits from it whether I chose to use my water pipe, extended food grade tubing whip, or just the short nylon stem. The water pipe method obviously gives you the smoothest, coolest vapor but the other two methods were great as well.

Also included with the vape is something called “ZaPolish” which is basically a wax shine for the myrtle wood. After applying this stuff the Myrtlezap looks absolutely amazing. One downside to the use of wood with any vaporizer like this though is the chance it can crack, but this is essentially the same as having a glass vape and risking it shattering, so nothing to be too concerned about especially since myrtle wood is notorious for cracking a lot less than any other wood you’ll find vapes made out of.

Need some help figuring out how to use this thing? Take a look at our simple step by step instructions to the Myrtlezap Vaporizer.

Lastly I have to talk about the customer service provided with this vape. Owners Rick and Pat still do all customer service themselves and it is something you really wish every company did. They definitely back their product and if anything goes wrong with your Myrtlezap vape they won’t hesitate to accommodate you with a new one.

If you need a relatively cheap, easy to use, durable, and small vaporizer then I recommend you pick this one up right away.

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