Natural Goods Vaporizer Review

The vaporizer by Natural Goods Vaporizer is a hands free whip style vaporizer. The Natural Goods vaporizer also employs a ceramic heating element complete with a medium sized fan that helps with the vaporization process. The Natural Goods Vaporizer has an aluminum carbonate body to it and unfortunately if looks are important to you then you are out of luck. The aluminum carbonate body makes it incredibly durable but this thing looks like one of those automatic air pumps that people use to inflate bike tires. But I digress.

The Natural Goods Vaporizer has had multiple comparisons to the Cannabis Cup winning Vapezilla but at a cheaper cost. The fact that it is American designed helps as well. The Natural Goods Vaporizer has a super heavy duty vapor whip that is made of ground glass and uses a dual core/wall vapor whip that doesn’t heat up as you use it. The whip is pretty solid.

What do I like about the Natural Goods Vaporizer?

Despite the look you can’t help but appreciate the fact that the Natural Goods Vaporizer feels so durable I feel like I could kick it down a flight of stairs after every use and it would still turn on, heat up, and vaporize the next time I go to use it.

I tend to get angry randomly and hit/throw things so this is a nice feature. Although not typically while using a vaporizer, I’ll let you use your imagination as to why.

Here is what comes with the Natural Goods Vaporizer:

  • Natural Goods Vaporizer
  • Vapor Whip
  • Replacement Screen
  • Instruction Manual

The medium sized fan is also a nice touch, you can tell it is a little easier to draw from the Natural Goods Vaporizer than a lot of other in it’s price range. The warm up time was only about 5 minutes so it heats up at a standard rate, even the fastest vapes around only warm up in 3 minutes.

One thing also of note is that the whip is made to be placed in the vaporizer while it is heating up, which is different from most other vaporizers. Another thing a bit different is the Natural Goods Vaporizer displays on the temperature read out the current temperature of the whip, and not the current core temperature of the vape. So because of this the recommended heat level is 160 degrees. That however doesn’t effect the vapor quality, it is still up to par.

Check out these natural step by step instructions for the Natural Goods Vaporizer. See what I did there?

The Natural Goods Vaporizer does not live up to the standard that Vapezilla set with their vaporizer but for the most part is still a good vaporizer for the price. The medium sized fan does make a difference in the vaporization process and delivery and it is relatively noticeable.

Like I said it isn’t the most attractive looking vaporizer but the sturdiness of it more than makes up for appearance. Also with the dual core/wall design of the heavy duty glass whip the Natural Goods Vaporizer never heats up even slightly during use, which is something you experience with most other vapes.

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