Vapir Classic Rechargeable Vaporizer Review

The Vapir Classic Rechargeable Vaporizer is a portable, hand held vaporizer that is about the size of a ruler and has a rechargeable battery. It uses a small forced air system with a plastic whip that attaches to the top of the vape. It has a ceramic housing inside that holds a quartz crystal heating element. They say the engine in it is “super charged” which enables it to heat up faster.

The temperature control on the Vapir Classic Rechargeable is digital and can read out in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Why you would need it to read out in Celsius other than you being a nerd is a little beyond me though.

Here’s what you’re going to get with the Vapir Classic:

  • Vapir Classic Rechargeable Portable Vaporizer
  • 2 Filling Disks
  • Vapor Whip Attachment
  • Universal Adapter
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Instruction Manual

The Vapir Classic Rechargeable has a lithium ion rechargeable battery that is good for about 30 minutes of vaporizing, so you kind of have to act quick. If you’re passing the Vapir Classic Rechargeable around with friends 30 minutes might not be long enough for some. The power adapter has several different plug extensions for anyone who travels a lot and might have to use one of those mongoloid power outlets they have in Europe.

What do I like about Vapir Classic Rechargeable Herbal Vaporizers?

Right off the bat I liked the design. It’s tall and slim and built really solidly. It has an exact digital temperature read out which means it shows what temperature it is currently at so you’re not sitting there wondering how close to your desired temperature it is. The forced air flow from a portable vape is also nice and it was relatively quiet. The Vapir Classic Rechargeable is pretty expensive, falling just under $300 but I believe this is due to the fact that it’s portable and well built.

I had a good smoking experience with it for the most part but I’ve also had better from the Oxygen Mini also made by Vapir. I found that it heats up within 3 to 5 minutes and that isn’t long at all for any vape, let alone a portable one. Ultimately though my experience with the Vapir Classic Rechargeable was a good one though.

If you need a little assistance check out our easy step by step instructions for the Vapir Classic

Overall I’d have to say that if you are looking for a portable vaporizer you should look no further than Vapir. But, it should be a Oxygen Mini, not the Vapir Classic Rechargeable. It is a solid portable vape but they upgraded and improved the idea with the Oxygen Mini. Not only is the Oxygen Mini superior, but it is $200 cheaper. Simple choice to me. But the Vapir Classic Rechargeable is still a quality vape.

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