Phedor Electric Lighter Review

First off let’s get something straight, this is not a vaporizer. It is pretty much a fancy electric lighter that costs way too much money. The only reason I am reviewing this thing is because the Phedor markets itself as a vaporizer, so I’m here to correct that. It is basically a small aluminum box with a glossed black finish and a little ceramic heating wand sticking out of the end of it.

Now if you compare this to other electric lighters that use a glass heating element this one is better because it will hold up longer, but still it really isn’t a vaporizer. The Phedor Electric Lighter gives off enough heat where you can hover it over your blend to vaporize it but it is next to impossible to stop it from burning.

Finding that happy medium of a distance from the herb where it will vaporize and not burn is way too hard. For $170 this is basically the most expensive lighter you will ever purchase. It’s mad by Wicked Roots and was released in 2004 at the Cannabis Cup. It has sold pretty decently because a lot of people are dumb unfortunately.

Here’s what comes with the Phedor:

  • Phedor Electric Lighter/Wannabe Vaporizer
  • 6 ft Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual

What do I like about the Phedor?

From a vaporizing stand point I like absolutely nothing about the Phedor. As an electronic lighter it works great, but it’s still about $150 too much. Let’s take a look at a list of things I’d rather spend $170 on instead of a Phedor:

  1. 14 Justin Bieber CDs
  2. 3 Boost Mobile Phones
  3. 85 “I’d rather be fishing” Bumper Stickers
  4. 8 Shake Weights

Ok you get the point, all those things I listed suck. If this was $20 I’d recommend it to everyone, but it’s not and I doubt they will lower their price at all, let alone lower it $150. There is absolutely no way to adjust the temperature at all, you plug it in and it heats up.

If you could adjust the temperature then vaporizing might be more achievable but alas, it is not possible. When you plug in the Phedor it takes about 45 seconds to a minute to reach it’s temperature, so I guess that’s cool?

Also it must be noted that you need a water pipe or something else to use this. If you have the Phedor and a pile of herb it is completely useless. I don’t know, I’m really just reviewing this so no one else wastes their money on it. If you already bought it and are stumbling on this review now, I’m sorry. If there’s anything I can do to make you feel better, email me and I’ll try my best.

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