The mad scientists at Storz & Bickel are back on the scene and causing a stir with their brand new whip vaporizer called simply the “Plenty”. The Plenty Vape is hand held, but not portable, yet everyone is still pretty excited about this new vaporizer. I mean, the Volcano vape has been the big boss on the vaporizer scene ever since its release in early 2000 and is still widely considered the best bag/balloon vaporizer on the market.  So after over a decade you can bet anticipation waiting to see what would come our way next from S&B has grown immensely. With the new Plenty vaporizer it looks like Storz & Bickel is attempting  to take over the whip vaporizer market this time around. Now you know we here at Vaporizer Sale are not going to let the Plenty vape get by on name and reputation alone, so lets see if the Plenty lives up to our expectations in this review …

Plenty Vaporizer Review

The Plenty vape features a rugged yet comfortable handheld design but is not truly portable since it must be plugged in during use.

Plenty Vaporizer Overview

The first time I saw images of the Plenty Vaporizer online I thought it looked more like a belt sander than a vaporizer so I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this one.

Looking at the box you instantly know you have a Storz & Bickel product on your hands. The packaging as always is clean, neat and professional. The packaging to me always leaves a first impression, in this case its a good one.

Once opened the Plenty seemed just the right size as I had expected from the pictures. Given that there is a handle for you to hold the vape judging the approximate size wasn’t hard. The Plenty Vaporizer has a nice feel to it, it doesn’t feel cheaply made which you might expect from plastic. It has a power tool/industrial type feel to it but is very lightweight.

The Plenty Vaporizer is hand held, but definitely not portable considering you have to plug it in. The cord, however, is nice and long so passing the Plenty around doesn’t seem like it will be a hassle.

Before I wrote this review, I was kind of bummed when I heard there was no digital display on the new Plenty Vape that was coming out. I am willing to bet that it is just a matter of time until Storz & Bickel release a Digit version though, just like they did with the Volcano. Plus, skipping the digital temperature display on the Plenty probably kept the retail cost down by at least $100, so that’s a good thing for sure.  The Plenty vaporizer’s temperature meter has a needle that will point to the approximate current temperature. So you are not going to be completely in the blind when heating up and using the Plenty vape.

Plenty vaporizer

The Plenty vape’s unique coil whip design transports fresh vapor the perfect distance to cool and without the usual drawbacks of typical vaporizer whips.

The herb chamber is pretty much a redesigned Volcano herb chamber with a whip attached to it, instead of just a cap that attaches to a bag and mouthpiece. The whip and herb chamber twist right off of the Plenty Vaporizer together, from there you can twist the bottom half of the herb chamber off, separating it from the whip attachment. This is where you put your herb, then twist it back together with the whip and then finally twist it back onto the Plenty. It might sound a little over complicated but I assure you it is as easy as can be. Before I even read the instructions, I just knew what the deal was. Also the bottom of the herb chamber has a tab that sticks out so you can easily twist it apart from the top whip attachment, so you won’t have to fuss with it or get somebody to open it for you and then have to tell them you loosened it for them.

On the left side of the Plenty Vaporizer you will find the power switch and the temperature dial. The on/off power switch flicks on and off like a button you might find on a power tool, so I found that kind of fitting. The heat dial is just a small and orange with numbers 1 through 7 on it written in black print, representing different temperature settings. Think of the Arizer Solo’s heat levels, except these are on a dial instead. Each number represents a different level of heat, making remembering your favorite setting very easy.

Finally I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the whip itself. You may notice it looks like straight metal and might turn some off at first glance. What you have to understand is this metal is actually a stainless steel cooling coil that wraps around the whip tubing, meant to cool the vapor on its trip through the whip. An excellent idea to be sure, but I was a little skeptical as to how well it would work and whether or not it was added on just for show.

Plenty Vape

Remembering to always keep the orange trigger held down while using can be tricky, especially when you want to get up for a minute without pausing your vape session.

First Time Using the Plenty Vaporizer

Can’t lie, I was pretty damn excited about ripping into this thing and had to keep a level head to review it. I plugged in the Plenty Vaporizer and set the temperature dial to 4, or one notch above the mid way point. This to me seemed the best place to start. At that point the Plenty began to heat up and I was on my way. It only took the Plenty vape about a minute and a half or so to heat up, which was fairly impressive. The main reason for the fast heat up time is the double helix heat exchanger the Plenty uses. It is meant to not only heat the vape up super fast, but also make sure your herb is vaporized evenly.

Now this is where the trigger comes in. I read the instructions ahead of heating this thing up so from what i read you have to be holding the trigger down when the Plenty Vaporizer hits the target temperature. If you aren’t holding the trigger down then the Plenty will start to cool back down. Basically this is an alternative to the (now) traditional auto shut off feature. Instead of it turning off on a timer like the Solo, VaporBLUNT, and NO2 the Plenty will only shut off if left unattended during the heat up process.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this to be honest. It solves what I hate about auto shut off features, which is unexpected interruptions of my vaping sessions, but creates an all new annoyance in the process. I really don’t like the idea of having to babysit a vaporizer while it is heating up. This wouldn’t be as big a deal if the Plenty was cordless, but unfortunately it is not. So anyway, I sat there holding the trigger so I could make sure it didn’t start cooling down right away, that would make me less than happy.

Once the Plenty warmed up to its target temp the orange light on the front lit up letting me know it was that time. I got a nice big pull of vapor right out of the gate. From there the Plenty was off and running, taking me along for the ride. Each and every pull was gigantic. It’s safe to say the cooling coil is not just for show, the whip isn’t the longest out there yet I was getting continuously cool vapor and it really was noticeable. Watching the temperature gauge it seems that the Plenty maintains its temperature very well, with only minor fluctuations that quickly corrected themselves. Combine the consistent temperature with the even vaporizing courtesy of the (say it with me) double helix heat exchanger and you have a very dynamic duo. So my first experience with the Plenty Vaporizer went swimmingly to say the least.


The Plenty does not stand upright, keeping the bottom air vent (pictured here) unobstructed for optimal at all times.

Plenty Vaporizer After Consistent Use

I am happy to report that the Plenty Vape will not have to worry about getting by on name alone. I have only used the Plenty for about a week and a half at the point I’m writing this, but in that week and a half it feels like I have learned a lot, all of which I shall pass on to you the reader.

I have settled on heat level 6 as the cream of the crop. The vapor is still really cool and the hits are SUPER thick. Usually when I blow out a huge cloud of vapor I brace myself for the inevitable aftermath of some extreme hack coughing. This was not the case at all. The Plenty is just so smooth that instead of intense coughing I just found myself sitting there puzzled as to what is going on. Puzzled in the best way you could possibly be puzzled.

Every time I have turned on the Plenty to get it fired up it has yet to let me down with a quick heat up time and efficient vaporizing of my material. The herb chamber never becomes cumbersome to fill or clean out and the whip has yet to require any maintenance what so ever. I recently (last night) had a session with a couple friends to get their opinions and the opinion seems to be shared, everyone loves this thing. I thought having several friends around and passing the Plenty might be annoying but really if anything it is just like having your friends get up to hit a whip on any other vape, except with the Plenty you can pass it a reasonable distance and have no worry about it spilling, like you would have to worry if you passed around the viVape.

The trigger function to make sure the vape is attended while heating up is still something I am not really into. But overall it isn’t any more annoying or an inconvenience than an auto shut off feature is. Ultimately you babysit it while it is heating up and then don’t have to worry about it shutting off from there unless you want it to. So you can argue it is a more convenient feature than the classic shut off feature, but still not something I like overall.

Even though the Plenty doesn’t have the heavier aluminum build you might find on a lot of other vaporizers this thing is still very sturdy. Me being me, I’ve dropped the Plenty twice already and caused zero damage to it. Some people might see its plastic design and freak out, but there is no need. The Plenty is every bit as strong as the build the Vapir NO2 has, which is tough as nails.

Components of the Plenty vaporizer

A closer look at the various parts of the Plenty handheld vaporizer.

Plenty Vaporizer Final Thoughts

Well, I hope the viVape enjoyed its one month long reign as my favorite whip vaporizer because the Plenty has nudged it right out of the top spot. The Plenty really has it all; smooth and cool vapor, easy hand held design that is comfortable to hold, decent heat up time, good for group sessions. If you are strictly looking for a whip vaporizer then you absolutely don’t have to look any further than the Plenty Vaporizer. That is, of course, until Storz & Bickel release the Plenty Digit.

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