Comparing the Plenty to the viVape 2

Recently I had acquired myself a brand new viVape Vaporizer, a new whip vaporizer with an innovative design and most notably touch screen controls. I quickly fell in love with the viVape’s quick and easy use and especially the whip method of vaporization it offered, going as far as proclaiming it my favorite whip vaporizer. Well, there’ s a new sheriff in town, the Plenty Vaporizer made by the vapor experts behind the Volcano vaporizer, Storz & Bickel. To me it is not as simple as saying one is better than the other, even if a lot of people may just sway to the Plenty on rep alone. So what I did was do a point by point comparison between the two in all the categories I felt were most important. Let’s find out which vape reigns supreme.

Heat Up Time

Having both vapes next to each other at room temperature I decided I would test the heat up times by heating both to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the Plenty doesn’t have you setting the exact temperature I set the Plenty Vaporizer to heat level 6, which heats the unit right around 390 degrees. The viVape I set it to the whip method and set my exact target temperature at 390 degrees.

This was really too close to even call. I decided to heat up each one 3 times starting from room temp and each time both vapes reached their target temperature in 2 minutes or under. It switched pretty much each time which one was faster, never having one vape beat out the other by more than 10 seconds. So here they are pretty evenly matched, both having extremely fast heat up times.

Edge Goes To: Tie


The viVape has a super solid design on the outside of its enclosed casing, but also has glass pieces as well. You would hate to fault a vaporizer for having a glass on glass connection, no matter what the case, but you have to do it here when comparing durability. The viVape uses a glass heating chamber and glass connector on the whip to complete the ever loved glass on glass connection, however, this makes it take a hit in the durability category. Not to mention the continuing problem I am having keeping the glass on glass connection connected. I constantly pull the whip out by accident and spill my herb.

The Plenty Vaporizer on the other hand has a solid polycarbonate build that is very similar to the Vapir NO2. It is almost deceiving because you don’t expect it to be that tough just by looking at it, but that is the case. The heating element and herb chamber are both well protected in the casing and I have yet to spill any herb while using the Plenty Vape. You have to give the slight edge to the Plenty here.

Edge Goes To: Plenty Vaporizer

Whip Design

The whips on both vaporizers are designed well, but there are stark differences between the two. The Plenty Vaporizer sports what looks like a metal whip at first glance, but what counts is what is on the inside my friends. The Plenty’s actual whip tubing is encased inside that stainless steel heating coil you see, not only protecting it from puncturing or ripping, but also cooling the vapor inside as it travels through. In my opinion, aesthetically speaking, I think the metal looking whip looks bad ass, so the fact that it has other beneficial aspects is just a bonus. The mouthpiece, however, I found a little odd. Instead of going with a flat design that would contour your lips a little better they have a kind of awkward opening that is really wide, I think this is just something I personally don’t like that much.

The viVape uses the traditional food grade whip tubing attached to bowl end and glass mouthpiece. The glass on glass connection design is widely considered one of the best in terms of quality, but as far as design there is something left to be desired. I absolutely hate that I keep pulling the whip out of the viVape unit itself by accident. I’ve lost a decent amount of herb from this which just angers me further. The glass mouthpiece does have a great feel to it though, nice and comfortable.

The two whips are pretty different, especially since the Plenty is hand held and the viVape is table top, but when you take everything into account the nod goes to the Plenty Vaporizer.

Edge Goes To: Plenty Vaporizer

Vapor Quality

This one is very very close. Both the viVape and Plenty deliver thick and smooth vapor consistently. The big difference here is the temperature of the vapor. If you are one who can not take a warmer vapor then you want to stick with the Plenty. The cooling coil is not just there for looks and show, it really cools the vapor very nicely and ultimately increases the quality of the vapor.

Edge Goes To: Plenty Vaporizer


It’s safe to say that most people who get a vaporizer strictly for use at home they also will end up either using it at a friend’s house or having those moochers come over to join in on your riches of vaporizing equipment. So, to me at least, how easy it is to share your vape with friends is important. If you are a loner Dottie, a rebel, then you can skip this.

The viVape’s whip is a decent size, so if you and a friend are sitting on each side of it you should have no problem passing it back and forth. Once you start getting into people having to get up and walk over to use it each time is where things get messy. Literally. I’d hate to harp on the whip coming out of the heating element again, but if you think I who use the viVape quite often mess this up too often imagine someone who is using it for the first time. Doesn’t end too well in most cases, just warn everyone ahead of time to keep it under control.

The Plenty Vaporizer is hand held, which right off the bat makes it easier to pass around. But at the same time it has a cord which plugs into the wall, so how shareable is it? Well, surprisingly, in this regard it is pretty excellent. The herb chamber is completely closed so you can pass the Plenty back and forth upside down if you really want to, which wouldn’t make any sense but hey you can if you want to! Also the cord is a nice long length, so you won’t be sitting there pressed up against a wall restricted by the cord’s length like you are with some other vaporizers, including portables being used while charging, with cords *cough cough* VaporBLUNT *cough cough*

Edge Goes To: Plenty Vaporizer

Advanced Use

Just when you thought it might be a clean sweep by the Plenty, the viVape says nay. When you use the viVape’s whip setting BUT you set the fan setting on the unit to the “bag / balloon” setting it delivers a ridiculously thick vapor that can’t quite be achieved by the Plenty (as far as I know so far). This isn’t something you will want to do all the time because you kind of have to do a power session since the vapor will continuously be shooting out of the whip tubing. Holding your thumb over the open part of the mouthpiece helps, but you’ll still lose some.

The Plenty Vaporizer is still really brand new so there aren’t any accessories or anything to speak of yet and I haven’t really come up with any advanced use like I did with the viVape so far. Thus, the viVape takes this category home.

Edge Goes To: viVape Vaporizer


In conclusion, both vapes, the viVape and Plenty, are forces to reckoned with in the vaporizer market. They both deliver smooth and satisfying experiences that are sure not to let you down. You have my word, that when speaking strictly of whip vaporizers, these two vapes are the best of the best, but one is just a little better.

Ease Of Use
Vapor Quality
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