The Predator Vaporizer Review

Well first off, this thing is crazy looking. It looks like a Batvape, like if Batman owned a vape it would look like this one. It looks like it might transform into Megatron at any time. I looked at it and I immediately wondered if it was going to bite me. OK, I’ll stop.

The Predator Vaporizer uses a stainless steal heating element, which is longer lasting than a ceramic heating element by far, but it does take longer to heat up. The Predator Vaporizer has LED lights, but no temperature readout. So what are the LED lights for then?

They start to dim and flicker when your vape is in danger of overheating. So they aren’t useless. The Predator Vaporizer is constructed of “aircraft quality aluminum” you know, in case your vaporizer experiences any gale-force winds. The Predator Vaporizer comes with a detachable power cord and at first I was thinking as to why they would do that. The reason is the unique design of it, they felt having a detachable power cord would add an aesthetic value to it when not in use.

Here is exactly what comes with the Predator Vaporizer:

  • Predator Vaporizer
  • Vapor Whip Tubing
  • Silicone Mouthpiece Handle
  • Cleaner and Cleaning Kit
  • Plastic Herb Grinder
  • Stash Container
  • Aromatherapy Bowl
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • Carrying Case

The pictures online of the Predator Vaporizer look great, but once I received it I noticed several things. First it is MUCH bigger than it looks, by a lot and secondly the aluminum body of it looked more like plastic than a sleek metal finish.

What do I like about the Predator Vaporizer?

Well I’m torn a bit. I loved the pictures online of the Predator Vaporizer. I saw it and thought of how bad-ass it looked and how I could see it just sitting in my room without having to put it away when not using it. But once I got it that was not the case. Don’t get me wrong, it is still pretty cool looking but I guess the pictures online got my hopes up for more.

The LED lights add to the look of it and there is even a switch to turn them on or off, but keep in mind the LED lights won’t work when not plugged in, so if you do leave it out in between use for the look you would have to keep it plugged in for the LED lights. When using the Predator Vaporizer they recommend keeping the dial at the 12 o’clock position but

I found this produced too thick a vapor for me. I actually found myself turning it all the way up a couple times which id going to lead to less use of the herb, unfortunately. Again that is just my preference so you may find that you don’t need it that high and will be fine with the recommended setting.

Click here to see the effortless step by step instructions to use the Predator Vaporizer.

Overall my smoking experience with the Predator Vaporizer was good, but not great one. At $300 you can definitely find a better performing vape than the Predator Vaporizer, such as the Silver Surfer. But as far as the length they went through to make the Predator Vaporizer aesthetically pleasing you probably won’t find another vape with a detachable cord or LED lights even though it has no digital temperature read out.

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