Portable vaporizers

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DaVinci Vaporizer

The DaVinci Vaporizer was designed with a few goals in mind; portability, efficiency, ease of use, and a discreet vaporizing experience.View more


The Arizer Solo is a super efficient hand held portable vaporizer by Arizer Tech, the brilliant minds behind the Arizer Extreme Q.View more


The Vapman (Mica Version) is a super portable vaporizer hand made in Switzerland.View more

Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a highly rated, battery operated hand held vaporizer that has earned a reputation for producing top quality vapor with very little smell and truly silent operation.View more


The Arizer Air vaporizer uses an all glass vapor path and stainless steel heating element to produce desktop quality vapor in a small 5 Inch tall by 1 inch wide travel friendly size.View more


The Ascent Vaporizer takes what barriers you think portable vaporizers might be restricted by and smashes through them with ease.View more

Pinnacle Pro

The Pinnacle Pro newest version now comes with glass screen housing and vapor tube in the PonG adapter!View more

Pinnacle Pro DLX

The Pinnacle Pro DLX set includes everything you need to vape dry herbs and concentrates with water filtration at home or on the go.View more


The Atmos Astra is your all in one solution for vaping herbs, concentrates, and even e-liquid on the go.View more


The Atmos Orbit vaporizer is in stock and ready to ship! The Orbit is Atmos’ most advanced herbal vape pen to date.View more