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Plenty Vaporizer

The time has come, vaporizer powerhouses Storz & Bickel, creators of the hugely popular Volcano vaporizer, have released their newest vape called the Plenty Vaporizer.View more


The Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 vaporizer (Quiet Edition) is the newest technology in premium home vaporizing.View more

Volcano Digit

The Volcano Digit vaporizer’s reputation precedes it in most cases and is equally respected by vaporizing newbies and pro vaporizer users alike.View more


The Baker vaporizer by our good friends at VaporBLUNT is completely changing everything you’ve come to know about table top vaporizers.View more

RAW Vaporizer

The RAW vaporizer, made by the popular rolling paper company that shares the same name, is a box style unit that uses an advanced dual screened wand and whip design.View more

Easy Vape Digital 5

The Easy Vape Digital V5 is a “hands free” box style whip vaporizer with a simple, easy to use design and a long list of features.View more

Rise 2.0

The Vapir Rise 2.0 was developed to change the game in the world of table top herbal vaporizers.View more


The Herbalizer Limited Edition vaporizer gives you the freedom of choice and the luxury of having two vapes in one.View more