This is gonna be fun. I just got an assignment to review one of my favorite go to portable pipes, the Prometheus Pocket! I gotta say right up front, I have always liked the pocket over the larger Titan version also made by Prometheus.

My reasons are many, and include, extreme portability, easier upkeep, and ultra discretion. There ya be. Oh yea, and it also delivers some lung-busting rips that hold its own against its mighty big brother. So gather ’round, and I shall tell ye a tale, about one of the most amazing portable devices in all existence!

First up, is the size of the thing. At 4 inches long, by a mere 2 inches tall, it really can be stowed away in any moderate-sized pocket or pack without any prying eyes laying themselves upon its industrial-style beauty. The color is as cool as the name. A nice, chill forest green aluminum casing surrounds the inner chambers, and this is no cheaply made Chinese material.

This is top-notch aircraft-grade aluminum, so sufficed to say, there is no discussion about it’s durability or the possibility of breaking. I can tell you hands-down right here in this review, it simply cannot, and therefore will not ever happen. The aluminum casing surrounds the two inner all-glass chambers. What? Did you think you were going to get anything less here?

The aluminum safely wraps around the glass pieces to avoid unwanted breakage.

The aluminum safely wraps around the glass pieces to avoid unwanted breakage.

When you think of ultra-premium, think of the name Prometheus, as it is definitely synonymous with the term. There also are a few rubber O-rings they lodge inside underneath the aluminum housing that really absorb any and all shock from impact before it reaches the delicate glass, so no worries about dropping it. You’re essentially getting the best of both worlds here with the indestructible nature of the shell, and the super quality of the inner glass chambers.

They actually even separate from each other and so you can really clean the heck out of both, which of course, you will ultimately end up doing. But fret not, as there is really no nooks and crannies that hard to get to thanks to the bowl easily unscrewing from the stem with a few easy flicks of the wrist. Talk about convenient.

The screen is a real cinch to get at as it falls right out as soon as you unscrew the two pieces of the Prometheus at the joint, and its easily cleaned or replaced when needed. Another real gem about the screen is how low it sits in the bowl. This allows you to cook your blend inside the bowl without putting that mighty flame to the lone bit of metal on the Prometheus.

That would compromise taste and purity, and the manufacturers knew this and keenly anticipated this otherwise hindrance. The bowl itself holds the material like a traditional piece of glass would, but you get the added safeguard of the screen down beneath in the housing to make sure you don’t inadvertently vacuum any little particles into your mouth when drawing. A dragon-lunger like myself likes this perk especially, as it gives me free reign to beast my pulls without fear of sucking down ash or something similarly gross.

The pocket truly is a very nice portable size.

The pocket truly is a very nice portable size.

You’re basically looking at four pieces in total for the pocket, the two glass pieces, and the two aluminum pieces. As good as the Prometheus hits, the ease of disassembling for cleaning is probably what I appreciate most about it, and really makes it stand alone from other would-be counterparts.

Nevermind how the champ hits. You just, after trying so many different pieces, come to realize that certain ones are given that bit of extra care and painstaking attention to detail to really deliver consistent lung busters regardless of the variables such as material or flame source. This little giant-killer definitely is in that exclusive club for ridiculous cloud production. I kid you not.

it is for all these reasons that the price tag of 88 dollars is really nothing at all to lay out for the thing. The Prometheus Pocket Pipe cuts no corners, pulls no punches, and just flat-out steam rolls you with its power. It also fits in the palm of your hand and is easily kept out of sight to boot.

The "Save-a-Bowl" allows you to travel with material loaded in the Prometheus Pocket.

The “Save-a-Bowl” allows you to travel with material loaded in the Prometheus Pocket.

The ease with which one of these is cleaned really makes it a smart long-term investment, as it won’t corrode over time, provided you put that small bit of care in from time to time and keep it clean, and fully functioning. There’s just the very small chance that one of the small areas of glass that is exposed could crack if it fell in exactly the wrong way onto a hard surface.

Also, when cleaning, you need to be extra careful, as the armor is off so to speak, and this is when an accident is most likely to occur. But barring those two unfortunate possibilities, there really is no way to knock the Prometheus Pocket off its portable pedestal. Plus it’s got probably the coolest name out there today, which accurately portents it’s level of supremacy in it’s category.

Remember my all-around endorsement here for the Prometheus Pocket Pipe when it comes time to pick up a new smoking piece, and you’ll be making what is probably the wisest choice you can. Long live the Pocket!

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