The Arizer Solo is a brand new portable vaporizer made by Arizer Tech, the geniuses behind the Arizer Extreme Q, which is still one of my favorite vapes to date.

Arizer Solo Charging

When the Arizer Solo is finished charging all 7 power level lights will be lit.

Arizer Solo First Impressions

When first opening the Arizer Solo and inspecting it I could immediately feel how sturdy this thing was. It’s made of aluminum and looks like it could take one hell of a beating. Also the size immediately stuck out to me, it’s pretty much the size of a small can of Red Bull (a drink I am all too familiar with). As far as the weight of the unit it is maybe slightly under a half a pound. So although it is small it sacrifices nothing in durability due to the aluminum build.

Heating up the Arizer Solo vape is really easy as well. When you first turn it on it will automatically heat up to a stand by temperature, right around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and from there you just select a preset temperature by selecting one of 7 heat levels. I found heat level 4 to be the most comfortable, heat level 4 is about 383 degrees Fahrenheit. Here is the full breakdown of all seven heat levels:

Temp Level 1: 50° C / 122° F
Temp Level 2: 185° C / 365° F
Temp Level 3: 190° C / 374° F
Temp Level 4: 195° C / 383° F
Temp Level 5: 200° C / 392° F
Temp Level 6: 205° C / 401° F
Temp Level 7: 210° C / 410° F

The Solo vaporizer was one of the few vapes that when I opened it, it looked exactly how I had seen it online. Most vapes look way bigger on websites or in brochures than they do in person, the Arizer Solo seemed just as I would have imagined it, small, durable, light weight, and comfortable to hold. Operating the Arizer Solo for the first time was also made very easy by excellent instructions that are provided.

Arizer Solo M107

The newest Arizer Solo models come with a stainless steel herb chamber.

My First Solo Experience

After turning on the vape I found heat up time to be generally around 2 or so minutes depending on what heat level you have it set to. If you set it to the highest heat level it only takes around 3 minutes to fully heat up. So let’s recap so far. Durable aluminum build. Quick and easy heat up process. Still with me? Good, let’s continue.

Packing the Solo can be a bit odd at first if you don’t know how to properly do so. You pack the bowl end of the glass mouthpiece/whip that comes with the vape. Quick side note: don’t worry about the whip being glass because the glass is pretty thick cut and will not be easy to break. Once packed, flip the Solo vape upside down so the heating element is facing down. Then you can slip the whip right on to the heating element and flip the Arizer Tech Solo right side up. From there you are good to go.

Pulls from the Arizer Solo created large white clouds of vapor. Very tasty vapor at that. When using the Solo I was immediately comparing it to two vaporizers. First, the NO2 because of the similar design and rechargeable lithium ion battery. It also reminds me of the Extreme Q because the Solo shares with it the signature top shelf quality vapor and rugged design Arizer has become known for. The pulls are very close to those you can achieve with the Extreme Q using the whip, which obviously left me very pleased.

Arizer Solo Review

An closer look at the Arizer Solo’s control panel.

After Consistent Use

Let’s fast forward a couple months now. I am still using the Arizer Solo portable herbal vaporizer and I am still loving it. The chassis has yet to fall victim to any significant scratches and the heating element and performance of the vaporizer overall is still like new, thanks to proper but minimal cleaning of course.

Arizer definitely went through some lengths to make the Solo as easy to use as possible, whether you are a vaporizing vet or a new comer. The Solo is very easy to use. In fact, I handed the Solo portable vape to a friend with very limited experience vaporizing and he was able to pack it, turn it on and use it first try.

The only learning curve is finding the heat level you like the most. With the chart of heat levels I provided above you should be able to find the heat level you should start at if you vaporized before. If you haven’t vaporized before take my advice and start at heat level 3 or 4 and work your way up or down from there. Ultimately, the Arizer Solo is as advertised, an excellent portable herbal vaporizer.

The auto shut off feature that kicks in after about 12 minutes of vaporizing can really piss me off sometimes, just like the NO2’s did/does. At least the Solo beeps when it turns off, unlike the NO2 which quietly shuts off leaving you clueless. The temp gets back up very fast after auto shut off so it is a minor inconvenience at worst. You can’t use the Arizer Solo while it is charging, like you can with the Vapir NO2 and Vapor Blunt. This bothers me. Hopefully they will address this in a future model or version.

The Final Word on the Arizer Solo

The Solo is Arizer’s first attempt at a portable vaporizer and they have delivered a top quality product, as expected. Going forward I think I’ll be sticking to the Arizer Solo for my portable vaporizing needs until something better comes along. This is one of the best portable vaporizers out there and lives up to the excellent reputation Arizer has earned over the years.

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