Solarizer Vaporizer Review

The Solarizer is made by BC Vaporizers and is pretty original, due to the fact that it is solar powered. No, really. I’m kind of split on this vape. It uses the sun to heat up and vaporize your herb, which renders it useless at night or on a rainy or cloudy day. On the other hand, if you go camping or hiking a lot I can see the Solarizer coming in handy. But if you really think about it, how hard would it be to just get a portable vape that uses a lighter or butane cartridge?

The good news here, that ups the vapes value and appeal, is the price tag. Usually you can find this vape for only about $75 and sometimes lower. With it not being expensive it makes the fact that it can only be used in the sun an easier thing to deal with. Unfortunately you have to pay an extra dollar for the whip extension for whatever reason.

Here is what the Solarizer comes with:

  • Solarizer Vaporizer
  • Instruction Manual

I’m not sure why they don’t just package the vapor whip with the product automatically but I would suggest picking that up.

What do I like about Solarizer Herbal Vaporizers?

When it’s nice and sunny out it definitely works, but if you really want to get a feel for this vape just take your water pipe outside and hold a magnifying glass over your herb and smoke. It’s really the same principle, just vaporizing instead of smoking. I found that it did work well and I had a decent vaporizing experience though. The most appealing thing about the vape is obviously it being solar powered but I also think the vape is a little too big to be called portable.

If they shrunk this vape down and had it remain solar powered I think the Solarizer would be a lot more appealing. Like I said though at this price tag it can’t really hurt to give it a shot. The hot plate method of vaporizing is always a touchy method though, because your herb is much more likely to end up burning and thus making vaporizing pointless. I didn’t run into the herb burning very often though so once you get a feel for how to use it you should be fine.

If solar powered vapes are uncharted territory for you I suggest reading the easy step by step instructions to using this vape

In the end you are getting a cheap vaporizer that does work, but only on it’s own terms. Having a solar powered vaporizer has some appeal just in general to show off to friends I just don’t think this is the one vape to own. The Solarizer Vaporizer would definitely make a nice addition to any one’s collection though.

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