Who are Storz & Bickel?

Back in January of 1998 Markus Storz patented the removable valve balloon inflation system that he had developed for his newly created Volcano vaporizer. Storz set up this business under the name “Vapormed Inhalatoren” and immediately began production on the Volcano vaporizer. Of course his first customer was Jurgen Bickel, and you can probably see where this is going. Demand for the Volcano increased rapidly and Markus and Jurgen decided in December 2002 that it was time to partner up and immediately push forward with the Volcano. With the demand still increasing they opened three new offices in Germany and eventually in March of 2005 they opened their first US office in Oakland, California to ensure fast delivery of Volcanos to US customers. Now they are the proud sellers of the world’s number one vaporizer on the market today.

Do Storz & Bickel have a good reputation?

They aren’t number one for no reason. Storz & Bickel continue to offer the best vaporizing experience around and do so with extra confidence in their product. Every Volcano comes with a three year warranty, this is a direct reflection on the confidence they have in their vaporizer. When a company backs their product like that you know they are reliable and aren’t scared to let it be known. If you look at customer testimonials for Storz & Bickel you are going to find nothing but positivity. From customer service to fast shipping to excellent informative website they have everything covered.

What vaporizer selection do Storz & Bickel have available?

They have the only vaporizer they need, the Volcano. The Volcano does, however, come in two different styles, one with a digital temperature readout, call the Volcano Digit, and the other which does not have the digital read out. Some might say that them only having one vaporizer to choose from isn’t enough, but honestly it is known to be the best vaporizer out there. It’s like complaining about The Vapors only being known for one hit single “Turning Japanese”, it may be the only one but it is awesome. Maybe a crazy analogy but you get my point.

Would you recommend purchasing from Storz & Bickel?

Absolutely. They honestly give you no reason to not to order from them. Any company that continues to grow and expand to further please their customers with excellent customer service has to be commended. If you are thinking about getting a Volcano but not sure who Storz & Bickel are I hope this has convinced you to stop thinking about it and do it.

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