The ThermoVape caught my eye immediately after seeing it. Mostly because any portable vaporizer I honestly must try, also because the design seemed very slim and portable. After reading the features list and finding out it can pretty much vape any material imaginable with a few attachments I knew I had to give it a shot.

Below are my initial and lasting impressions on the ThermoVape portable vaporizer.

Thermo Vape vaporizer

ThermoVape First Impressions

The ThermoVape, unlike the VaporBLUNT, is just about the size I expected it to be after first seeing information about it on the old interwebs. When all assembled the ThermoVape stands about 5″ tall and its diameter is about the size of a quarter. All in all that is pretty damn small, especially the diameter. I slipped it into my pocket real quick and can say that I barely noticed it was there.

The whole package was in a plastic cylinder packed with everything you need for your ThermoVape, including quick start guide / instruction manual and a small insert basically telling me not to choke on the batteries, or maybe that’s just for kids. The plastic cylinder storage it comes in is kind of cheap and smells of chemicals a bit and how they laid everything out in there isn’t exactly appealing. Literally the ThermoVape is thrown in there on one side with all the accessories on the other, separated only by the quick start guide. Not really a huge complaint, just a little messy.

The ThermoVape runs off of rechargeable batteries, much like the Magic Flight, but in a way I haven’t seen before. The batteries are held in a canister, which is then inserted into the ThermoVape. That canister is allowed to be pushed up and down on a spring, when pushed up it begins to heat the ThermoVape instantly. When you release it, the canister will slide back down to the off position. So instead of sticking a battery in and out of the side of a small wooden box, you have them neatly stored in a moveable canister. Not sure how it will work in action, but in theory I like it.

The batteries used in the ThermoVape are Tenergy RCR 123A rechargeable batteries that are said to last a lot longer than lithium-ion batteries. That’s all well and good, but these type of batteries have to be charged outside of the vape on a wall charger. This is just an extra inconvenience in my mind and I’d rather just plug the vape into the wall rather than having to remove batteries and do it that way. On the bright side they give you 6 batteries to work with, while it only takes 2 to operate it.

Aside from the batteries and canister, there are 3 other main parts: the mouthpiece, the heating / herb chamber, and the outer shell. The battery holder inserts into the outer shell casing and then the herb chamber on top, followed by the mouthpiece. All these pieces screw together to form the ThermoVape. Sounds like I’m talking about a transformer, but it is a really simple set up. The threading on the pieces doesn’t scare me except the threading on the herb chamber. I can see that getting a little crapped up and making my life a pain.

One last final touch I liked was they technically include 2 different chargers. You have the main charger that holds the actual batteries and then 2 different cords. One cord plugs the charger into a regular wall outlet, while the other is made to be plugged into your car. A complaint I have is the charger only has the space to charge 2 batteries at once. Seeing at these Tenergy batteries are about half the size of standard AA batteries, I would have liked to see space to charge the other 4 batteries that aren’t in use with the ThermoVape at any given time.

Thermo Vape Batteries

The Thermo Vape comes with 6 rechargeable batteries. They drain quickly, (similar to the Launch Box) and take 1hr+ to recharge.


My First ThermoVape Experience

Well it was finally time for my favorite part, taste testing. I had 2 batteries fully charged and ready to go and inserted them into the ThermoVape. Next I unscrewed the mouthpiece from the top. Now, in the quick start guide it says do not over tighten the mouthpiece part and now I see why. It was a huge pain to get off and I really didn’t think I screwed it in all that tight, but apparently it is just really easy to do so.

The herb chamber’s bowl starts off wide-mouthed at the top then slims as it gets to the bottom, forming kind of a cone. This made packing it quick and simple. I filled it up to the rim, but didn’t pack it down at all. I could already see I was getting herb spilling down to the threading a little and that is raising a red flag for me as far as the threading I mentioned earlier.

With the mouthpiece screwed back on it was time to get vaping. I pushed the battery holder up and left it there for about 10 seconds before pulling. The first pull was really weak, so I held the batteries up longer, for about 15 seconds this time and got a nice pull. However, I had burned the material. My impatience bit me in the ass here. When you hold the battery in too long you are susceptible to burning, so be careful. The more pulls I took the less I found myself holding the battery up, so it starts to build some residual heat.

The pulls are really reminiscent of a pull from a Vapman. There isn’t a lot of room for the vapor to travel and expand so it can deliver a bulldozer of a pull. I didn’t think the pulls were harsh at all, but that was after I mastered how long to hold the batteries up for, which is about 7 seconds. Ironically, I also used to hold my butane torch up to my Vapman for the exact amount of time.

The ThermoVape definitely gets HOT. The holder the batteries are in heated up enough to where it was uncomfortable to touch and I put my hoodie’s sleeve over my thumb. I was also rapidly hitting it so it is possible when you use the ThermoVape vaporizer with a little space between pulls that it won’t get that bad.

Opening up the herb chamber after I was done I could tell I had burned parts of the material, which was expected after my first couple pulls where I went a little crazy, but overall it vaporized and did not burn the material.

ThermoVape Vaporizer After Consistent Use

Having used the ThermoVape for a while now I am kind of stuck in a weird place grading this thing. I’m just not sure the overall vapor quality I’m getting is worth the extra convenience of a smaller vape that is more versatile than others.

I don’t want this to sound like I’m trashing the ThermoVape, I’m not. I just would like to see better vapor quality from such a nice overall product, I guess it goes back to you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Speaking of versatility, I recently picked up the ThermoVape T1 liquid conversion kit and gave the Thermo a go with my oils. Connecting the conversion kit was very easy. You can tell by looking at the piece that it replaces the standard herb chamber that comes with the ThermoVape. It easily screwed on like the rest of the ThermoVape pieces do. Looking down into the atomizer you can see the ceramic used to soak up your oils, so I dropped about 6 drops of my oil of choice in there. You could see the ceramic soak it up immediately. If any gets by the first layer there is an additional ceramic layer to stop it from reaching any further down.

The pulls from the ThermoVape with oils were huge. I think the ThermoVape really shines when it comes to the liquids department. I’m actually kind of surprised this isn’t marketed first and foremost as an oil vaporizer. Also it is kind of a shame that there isn’t a liquid attachment included, having to buy it separately is a bummer.

The T1 to liquid kit is actually just the tip of the iceberg when looking at what attachments are available for the ThermoVape T1. They actually have a less expensive version of the T1 called the ThermoVape Evolution for herbal vaporization, as well as the ThermoVape Revolution, which is strictly for oils and concentrates. But I will give both of those separate reviews after I have tried them thoroughly.

The size and shape of the ThermoVape is a major plus. It is truly pocket size. Throwing the ThermoVape portable vaporizer in your pocket and being bothered by it is a sign your pants are too tight. So if you’ve been wondering if your pants are too tight buy a ThermoVape. I kid, I kid. But seriously it is a great portable size and feels great in the hand.

My theory of the ThermoVape heating up from rapid use was correct. When using it solo you will be fine, it does still get hot but not hot enough to resort to covering your thumb like I had to. Now, when you use it with friends and are passing it around you can be damn sure that thing gets too hot to even deal with. So if you plan on just using it solo then this is of no concern. And if you are using it in a group just make sure you put it down for a half minute before passing it.

The batteries last pretty much as long as the Magic Flight, which I can’t complain about. They do take a little long to charge though, at least an hour minimum to charge 2 of them. They give you 6 batteries, like I mentioned, so this can’t be looked at as a major downside.

ThermoVape Herbal Vaporizer Final Thoughts

Overall I like the ThermoVape, but I don’t love it. There are some really great features here and the option to also vape liquids and concentrates is a major plus, but you have to add those on. I can see the ThermoVape being perfect for someone who needs to pre-pack something and be able to begin using it instantaneously without sticking out. It would be great for a smoke break at work or anywhere. Where I don’t see it being good is for someone who wants the best quality vapor in a portable form.

Update: The ThermoVape T1 is no longer being made, and unfortunately its manufacturer is not honoring warranties or providing replacement parts. There are far better units available now anyway.

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