Ultimate Vapor Machine Vaporizer Review

The Ultimate Vapor Machine is a box style vaporizer that is imported from China and comes at an inexpensive price. I get why they would name it the “Ultimate Vapor Machine” because they probably get sales base on that name alone, but does it live up to the name?

In a word, no. Now don’t get me wrong, it is an inexpensive vape so you should know that usually you will be sacrificing a little bit of quality but you just need to keep that in mind. The Ultimate Vapor Machine employs a ground glass whip method of vaporization and has a two part quick change screen.

It also has an LED temperature read out, which most cheap vapes do not, so that is a plus. One thing also a bit different about this vape is it employs a soldering iron heating element, not glass or ceramic like most others.

What do I like about Ultimate Vapor Machine Herbal Vaporizers?

I feel like the construction of the Ultimate Vapor Machine is pretty solid for a vape in it’s price range. The LED temperature read out is also something you will not find on a lot of vapes in the price range very often and LED read outs always make any vaporizing experience easier in my opinion.

Unless of course you’re blind, then it doesn’t do shit. Also I must say the two part quick change screen system works rather nicely. Usually changing the screen on a vape can tend to be a hassle so anything to make life a little easier for this lazy guy is a welcome addition. Overall though the Ultimate Vapor Machine is cheap and that kind of shows.

Check out what comes with the Ultimate Vapor Machine:

  • Ultimate Vapor Machine Vaporizer
  • Vapor Whip
  • Instruction Manual

The vapor taste suffers from the soldering iron heating element, so don’t expect the highest quality taste or smoothness you would get from other more expensive vapes. Also a vape this cheap will more often than not have a short warranty and this one does, sitting at only 90 days.

Check out our ultimate step by step instructions for this Ultimate Vapor Machine

The Ultimate Vapor Machine, like the Volcano for instance, is a case of you get what you pay for. Just opposite of the Volcano because you are getting noticeably lesser quality across the board from the Ultimate Vapor Machine.

If you are low on dough and need a vape I would still recommend this vape because most places you can find it for about $75. Just buyer beware that the Ultimate Vapor Machine is of a lesser quality than most vapes.

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