The Vape-Or-Smoke is a small and thin portable vape that also offers the option for combustion, or smoking. It is pretty new to the scene and I had some mixed feelings about it at first but once I really learned how to use it I immediately realized it’s potential. The goal of the Vape-Or-Smoke lies directly in the name, it is meant to give you the option to either vape or smoke your herb.

There aren’t many products out there that take on the tough task of offering both methods. Sure you can burn your herb on purpose with most vapes but it tastes terrible. For example you can cook your herb extra long in a Magic Flight Launch Box but the taste is like burnt popcorn, which sucks. So what the Vape-Or-Smoke aims to do is give you a pleasurable experience either way you use it.

The design is pretty awesome. When I put the Vape-Or-Smoke in my pocket it was actually less irritating than when I have my cell phone in my pocket. The mouthpiece fits right into the vape and you have to pop it out to use it so the unit is completely flat when not in use.

It uses a butane chamber much like the Iolite does and there is a flame control on the bottom to adjust the intensity of the flame, which is essentially how you choose between vaporizing or smoking. In the instructions it says you need to use a screwdriver to adjust the flame control but I found this not to be true. You can easily use your nail to turn it. I’ve seen some people on forums complain about it but honestly if you can’t twist it with your nail then you are just a baby.

Also packing it is very easy to do. You push up the brass bowl piece and the top of the unit slides up to reveal the herb chamber. From there you put your herb in and slide it right back down. It couldn’t be any easier and neater.

What do I like about the Vape-Or-Smoke?

There is definitely a lot to like here in my opinion. This is obviously a vaporizer review site but I really want to review both elements of the Vape-Or-Smoke. I’ll start with the vaporizing element.

To vaporize with it the first thing you have to do is lower the flame level by sliding the cover off and using your nail or a screwdriver to adjust it. Vaporizing with the Vape-Or-Smoke can be kind of difficult at first. You have to realize that you need to do short quick pulls with it to get it vaporizing.

The flame arrester that is above the flame will stop the flame from actually touching your herb but if you leave the flame on for too long you are definitely going to burn the herb. It is going to take a little getting used to before you can get it right. Luckily they have videos online to instruct you on how to vaporize with it and the included instruction manual is very descriptive.

Smoking with the Vape-Or-Smoke is where this unit really shines though in my opinion. The way it is designed is there is a flame wall that will stop any oncoming wind from stopping the flame. The practical application of this would be if someone was riding a bike or walking into the wind you could still use it.

Some cons that stick out to me though would ultimately begin and end with the learning curve that is associated with it when using it as a vaporizer. Even with the instructional videos online and detailed manual it was still a little difficult to get it vaporizing rather than burning.

But in the end that could just be me. You may pick up the Vape-Or-Smoke and have no trouble at all vaporizing with it. But it’s still something you want to be aware of before purchasing.

When I was using it I got some HUGE hits off of it and I really just loved using this thing. The way the mouthpiece is designed is awesome as well. It pops out of the unit almost like one of those kickstands they are putting on smart phones now and you put your mouth to it and inhale while pulling it down. You’ll hear it click which is the flame turning on.

So pretty much you could take this thing and run full speed into an oncoming breeze and still smoke with it no problem. Why would you want to do that? I’m not sure. If you skateboard or bike often and want to smoke while you do so this unit is absolutely perfect for that.

Here’s what comes with the Vape-Or-Smoke:

  • Vape-Or-Smoke Unit
  • Mesh Screen Set
  • Poker
  • Instruction Manual

Ultimately the Vape-Or-Smoke is a great product whether you’re looking for something to smoke with or vaporize with, I just happened to enjoy the smoking element of it a little more.

I’d also like to add that the creators of the Vape-Or-Smoke are very accessible and friendly and delivered great customer support for their product. They are very committed to the Vape-Or-Smoke and you can expect improvements to an already great product in the future.

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