I’ve had the VapeXhale Cloud on preorder for what feels like a damn eternity. Well, recently I received an email to purchase the Cloud and first I was like this, then I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I patiently waited a couple days for it to arrive and now that it has I knew I had to get on here and get a review up. Here is what I think so far…


First thing I can tell you is that this is definitely unlike any vaporizer I have ever seen. The body of the Cloud look very similar to other vertical airflow vapes, such as the Extreme Q, but you immediately notice a male glass on glass connector sitting on top. It also appears the VapeXhale is constructed of two aluminum pieces, one outer black shell that almost acts as a casing for the silver aluminum part containing the heating element and the temperature dial.

The included water tool attachment looks very menacing. First thing I noticed when picking it up was how thick cut the glass was. This pleases me immensely considering I am very prone to breaking anything glass, evidenced by my purchase of over $400 in replacement VripTech accessories. Also the water tool forces the vapor to travel through multiple chambers, so just by looking at it I can tell I should be in for a great time.

Finally there were two sets of screens. The screen is basically made of two parts; a long skinny basket type screen and then a separate smaller screen that acts as a cap. So essentially you have a dual screen herb chamber just like the Extreme Q and VaporTower. It appears once you have the herb packed in the screen that the long skinny part of the screen drops right into the male glass connector I previously mentioned and then the water tool fits right on top, completing the full cloud setup.

Now that I had messed around with it and made sure I had it constructed properly it was time to give it a go.

First Time Experience

With the whole setup sitting in front of me I plugged in the Cloud and flicked the power button to on. The male connector on top lit up red, signifying that is was heating up, but had not yet reached my desired temperature. I set the temperature knob pointed straight up at 12 o’clock, because that is right around 400° and also the recommended setting in the instruction manual.

It took a little over 7 minutes for the VapeXhale Cloud to reach temperature and I knew it was good to go when the light turned from red to green. When I actually timed it the exact time was 7 minutes and 5 second exactly, so expect about 7 minutes for heat up time. That’s a little long for my taste, but a minor complaint. So next I grabbed the two piece screen and loaded the long skinny basket part about 80% full with herb. I didn’t pack it down at all, just lightly dropped it in using that NO2 herbal scoop. The basket slid right into the male glass connector and it appeared I was all set.

I placed the water tool attachment on top and gave it like 15 seconds before taking my first pull. It feels nearly exactly like using the VripTech Heat Wand, but without having to hold a wand up to a chamber on a water tool. So, easier. My first pull was absolutely glorious. My brain is pretty fried so I can’t remember in detail my very first VripTech pull, but I can guarantee my first pull from the VapeXhale gave it a run for its money. I took a long and slow, but also deep, pull and it was insanely smooth.

Holding the VapeXhale Cloud wasn’t as cumbersome as I thought it would be from first glance. The outer shell did heat up a bit, but not so bad that you couldn’t comfortably hold it. However, the bolts holding the inner silver shell to the outer black shell did heat up quite a bit. All I did to fix this was simply put a couple of small pieces of electrical tape over the bolts and then I was good to go.

After a while I could tell the vapor was thinning out quite a bit and it was time to repack it. First I decided to stir the material inside the basket screen first and give it another try. Usually stirring your material yields positive results, but the VapeXhale takes this to a new level. It was like I had put a fresh new pack in. Definitely recommend stirring your material at least once when using the Cloud.

When I was finally finished I dumped out the used material and it came out quickly and easily, not leaving a whole lot behind as far as build up. If you have dealt with Extreme Q screens before then you’ll know exactly what these are like. The only thing I don’t like about the larger and smaller basket screens connecting is pulling them apart can get a little annoying, hopefully you have longer nails than I do.

Overall my first experience with the Cloud was a really good one.

After Consistent Use

The VapeXhale has held up beautifully. The sturdy design and thick cut glass of the water tool really combine to create a surprisingly durable piece. I’ve knocked over the water tool a handful of times already and have yet to see any chipping or breaking because of how thick cut the glass is. I’m sure dropping it onto the floor would be a different story but I have yet to have that happen.

The temperature knob, although I have rarely moved it from the 12 o’clock position, has also held up perfectly. No sticking at all, always being very easy to turn and not experiencing the dreaded build up the original Vapolution had to deal with.

I noticed after about an hour the male glass connector went from the solid green to a blinking from green to red. Literally the first week I had the VapeXhale I had no idea what this meant and was too lazy to look it up. Well it turns out it is the one hour auto shutoff warning. I often complain about auto shutoff features but with it being an hour before it happens I have absolutely no problem with it and actually welcome it.

It is hard to explain, but the Cloud gives the, I guess I’ll say “least dry” vapor pulls I have experienced since the VHW. Each and every pull is thick and smooth, never going past my comfort level. I know it sounds like I’m describing something perverted, but I swear I’m walking about vapor. This is pretty much contributed to the water filtration, it just makes everything far better.

The 7 minute heat up time hasn’t really bothered me all that much and I think that is mostly due to the fact that I love using this vape and feel it is worth the wait. If something like the Vapir NO2 made me wait 7 minutes that would probably be a deal breaker.

The Cloud vaporizer’s power cord does leave a little to be desired. If you are passing it around with friends be prepared to all be huddled in the same place or be playing music chairs. This normally wouldn’t be such a big deal but since I’ve been using the Plenty, which has a very nice sized cord, the VapeXhale seems a little too short for my taste.

Final Thoughts

I’m really loving everything the Cloud has to offer. When the entire thing is put together with the water tool on top and everything set up it almost looks humorous, but the Cloud is anything but a joke.

Since getting the Cloud I really haven’t messed with my other vapes, which is always a good sign I have a quality product. Right now my Plenty vaporizer is collecting dust and I don’t know if that will change any time soon.

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