Who is Vapir?

Vapir is a company that manufactures vaporizers and specialize in digital vapes to be exact. They established themselves early in 1997 but didn’t really get going until December of 2001 when they opened an office in California and released their first vaporizer, the Vapir Digital Air. When it was released it received good reviews and you could tell they had taken every step necessary to hold everyone’s hand through their first vaporizing experience, including a DVD on how to operate the Vapir Digital Air.

Does Vapir have a good reputation?

Vapir has been around for over ten years and still maintain excellent business and are widely regarded as one of the best vaporizer manufacturers around today. They offer worldwide shipping and have a 90 day warranty on all the vaporizers they offer, which is a little on the small side but they do make a quality product so it isn’t something to be too concerned about. It is believed that they pioneered the digital vaporizing revolution and have been specializing in it since they first released the Digital Air in 2001. Their vaporizer was even featured on a segment on ABC News, definitely worth checking out.

What vaporizer selection do they have available?

Vapir has a very wide selection of vaporizers, more than most other manufacturers you will find. Not only do they have a numerous vaporizers but they are also varied in terms of portability and size. They have portable vaporizers such as the Vapir One, NO2, and the Oxygen Mini. They also have one of the best table top vaporizers on the market, the Vapir Vapormatic Deluxe. The Deluxe offers both ways of vaporizing, balloon inflating or whip style delivery. So needless to say, with Vapir you can find exactly what type of vape you need to fit your needs.

Would you recommend purchasing from Vapir?

I am confident in suggesting Vapir when considering purchasing a vaporizer. They ship world wide and guarantee all their products for 90 days to ensure you are happy with their product. Vapir has been around for a while and won’t be going anywhere.

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