Vapir NO2 Portable Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Vapir NO2 is a portable herbal vaporizer that has a lot of appeal due to its lithium ion rechargeable battery. Vapir has been known for mixed efforts in the past, but the NO2 is said to be their best yet. The lithium ion battery presents some intriguing additions to a vaporizer, making it almost an at home vaporizer as well since it can be plugged in while in use.

The Vapir NO2 definitely caught a lot of people’s attention right away, let’s take a look at why.

Vapir NO2 First Impressions

The packaging is definitely legit. It has a nice box with a picture of the NO2 on the cover with Vapir’s logo on it. Looks pretty official. Something I always wondered why Arizer wouldn’t do with the Extreme Q. Even if the box is just discarded it still leaves a good first impression.

After opening the box I was really surprised at all the stuff they gave you along with the Vapir NO2 vape. There were tons of cleaning tools like wooden sticks, a heavy duty bristled brush, and some extra screens. It was all neatly packed into a plastic tray as well. The power cord that comes with it is a 12V DC plug and had a nice length to the cord. So when using it while plugged in you won’t be too restrained.

Once I took the actual Vapir NO2 vaporizer out I was surprised at how light it was. The polycarbonate build seems pretty sturdy but I don’t think this thing could take too many falls without cracking or breaking. The buttons on it are rubber, so they don’t look like anything that would stick or break at all. I then connected the short plastic whip tubing and plastic mouthpiece. When all connected the Vapir NO2 stands about 8 to 10 inches tall.

With the Vapir NO2 being that tall I don’t know if this unit could be all too portable at that size to be honest. It would definitely fit in a back pack or bag but definitely not in your pocket. There is a red button on the front to start heating the vape but luckily on the side of the vape is the actual on/off switch so if you do throw the NO2 in a back pack you won’t have to worry about it randomly heating up.

When I twisted the top off I caught a look at the herb chamber. The chamber is actually pretty small but it goes into the vape so you can’t overload it too much. This also brings me to another little accessory I have grown to love, the little scoop.

This scoop picks up the perfect amount of ground material to put in the chamber of the Vapir vape. It is accurately measured so you don’t waste any of your material. Since getting this scoop I’ve found myself leaving it in my grinder and using it for pretty much all of my vapes.

The other thing I noticed with the top unscrewed is the way the screen is positioned. The screen is actually in the cap and has a plastic surrounding that you twist off and it exposes the screen for cleaning/changing. This plastic part was pretty difficult to get back on the way it was when I twisted it off, might be something to mention later on, we’ll see.

So overall my initial reaction to the NO2’s appearance was a good one. My only concern was the durability of it and changing the screen in the top.

My First Vapir NO2 Experience

I flicked the power switch on the side to the “on” position and the LED temperature read out on the NO2 immediately lit up blue and rested at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. From there, setting the temperature could have been done by an infant. You hit the plus button to go up and minus button to go down.

I can’t believe I just explained that, but it’s that easy. Once you set the temp you want you hit the red button and it begins to heat up.

Heating up was really fast. You see it instantly start rising in temperature at a really rapid pace. I set it to 380 degrees Fahrenheit and it only took about a minute and a half to reach temperature. When you start heating you’ll see a red LED light, by the temperature read out, light up.

When your vape reaches your desired temperature the red light will turn green. So if you heat it up and are walking around taking care of other crap and you see that green light catch your eye you’ll know it’s time to vape.

After it was fully heated up I gave it about 15 seconds to kind of cook and build some vapor. The first pull was a nice, fresh and smooth vapor hit. I was really impressed with the pull of vapor I got, it was a nice size and the taste was great. The only thing was, every hit after that wasn’t quite as good. The following pulls were still really good but they didn’t compare to that first pull I got.

While I was mid-session I reached over for the NO2 and discovered it had cooled off. Almost completely. Apparently the NO2 has an auto shut off feature to protect you from burning your house down I’m sure. I know this feature is made with the best intentions but I have to say I’m not a fan of it.

Luckily the vape heats back up really fast. I just think it would have been pretty easy for Vapir to make this feature optional, give the consumer the ability to disable the auto shut off feature.

When I started to notice the flavor change for the worse I twisted the top of the Vapir NO2 portable vape off and dumped the vaporized material out. The material had that nice orange color you look for when vaporizing and not a hint of black. With the NO2 it is basically impossible to burn your material, which is great for beginners to vaporizing. I can say with confidence that the NO2 got pretty much everything out of my material I put in there.

Vapir NO2 After Consistent Use

After using the Vapir NO2 for an extended amount of time I can report that there is a lot of good and only some bad. I have really enjoyed the vapor quality throughout my time with the NO2. It has yet to let me down in that area. Especially the temperature of the vapor. It has always been cool and I have yet to get a harsh pull from it.

My concerns about the durability of the vape itself were just me being a little paranoid. I’ve dropped the NO2 more than a few times and there’s not a scratch to speak of. I’m not saying go throw it against a wall or anything, but with normal use, and if you are a little careful, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The battery life on the NO2 is pretty excellent as well, but there is one odd thing I experience with my Vapir NO2. When I turn it on after it has been fully charged the battery indicator shows it as full, but within about 20 minutes it is down to either 1 or 0 bars.

So I was thinking “Wow, this doesn’t last long.” but I left it going to see how long it would be until it died. It lasted about another hour. So it might just be my battery indicator that has this problem but still something I wanted to bring up.

I can also report that the auto shut off feature is still very annoying. I could be nit picking but honestly why isn’t there an option to turn it off? I know that turning it off leaves me open to leaving it on and maybe burning my house down, that should be on me though. It’s like when they made it illegal to not wear your seat belt. Should be my choice. Maybe not that extreme, but you know what I mean.

The screen in the top of the Vapir NO2 also has given me a little trouble over my time using it. A couple times it pushed into the vape and I sort of had to go fishing for it and then reposition it, which was kind of difficult. The biggest problem with this is when the screen does push in, it leaves a lot of space for your material to jam up the path for the vapor and can definitely affect the taste.

The Final Word on The Vapir NO2 Portable Herbal Vaporizer

Overall I have to say that the Vapir NO2 is a really great portable herbal vaporizer. The good definitely outweighs the bad and the bad isn’t necessarily that bad. Honestly, I’m complaining about a feature on the vape that is there for my safety and some small problems with the screen that are easily fixable once you know how to do it.

The Vapir NO2 is great for use at home or on the go. Additional accessories like the 12V car charger just add to its amazing portability. Vapir has delivered a very solid product that will be sure to please someone who isn’t quite sure if they need a vape for at home or one they can bring with them.

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