Vapman Portable Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Vapman is one hell of a deceiving little vaporizer. First of all when you look at it even the most seasoned vaporizing veteran is still going to be confused at what the hell it is exactly. What it happens to be is an extremely tiny portable herbal vaporizer hand made in Switzerland that packs one serious punch.

It needs a butane torch to use, you can’t use a standard lighter like you can with the Vapor Genie, which heats the brass plate on the bottom thus vaporizing the material contained within. How good can a vape this small that uses a butane torch be? Let’s find out.

Vapman First Impressions

When I first opened the plain cardboard box my Vapman was shipped in all I saw was packing peanuts. I thought for a second I had been had by the vendor. Alas, resting nicely at the bottom was this small egg shaped case with the text “” scrolled up the side. It was funny to think there was a vaporizer in there.

I opened up the egg case and found my nice little hand made wooden Vapman nice and secure. I picked that out of the case and in the bottom was a small metal ring/washer looking thing, which is actually used to pack the Vapman. More on that later.

The first thing I did was open up the Vapman vaporizer, which you do by basically twisting the top off. The top part that has the mouthpiece has two metal pegs sticking out on each side which slide right under metal clasps that are on the bottom of the Vapman. Taking the top off exposed the herb chamber, which is a brass plate that has a little depth to it kind of like an extremely small dish.

In the middle of the dish is a brass peg sticking out which is what lines up with the hole in the bottom of the mouthpiece’s screen right in the center. Sounds complicated when being explained but when you see it in action it is extremely simple.

The screen at the bottom of the mouthpiece consists of a bunch of machine punched tiny holes that stop any of the material that rests immediately below it from getting through to the mouthpiece. So you have a screen that will be easy to clean and will not have to be replaced if taken care of properly.

The wood the Vapman was made of felt very nice as well, with some type of finish on it that made it so you don’t feel like you’re holding something that would splinter easily when heated up. That is always a major concern with hand made wooden vapes, because it is very important that through excessive heating over time the wood doesn’t crack. Cracked wood leads to the vape losing heat very easily and thus not producing a really nice vapor.

On the bottom of the Vapman portable herbal vaporizer where you put the butane torch to heat it is some more metal plating. This protects against you burning the wood of the Vapman when heating the brass plate. So this is some added protection from the wood cracking as just mentioned.

My First Vapman Experience

After a quick read through of the included instructions I was ready to go. First I took the mouthpiece/screen off the top of the Vapman, exposing the herb chamber. Next I placed the previously mentioned ring/washer around the brass plate. What this does is block any material from wedging itself between the brass dish and the wood of the Vapman itself. When you do get some lodged in there the torch can burn it and leave resin marks on your Vapman. No bueno.

So after putting my material in the brass dish I removed the washer and put the mouthpiece back on top to seal it closed. Once it is sealed you shouldn’t have any material outside of it and you should be able to toss the Vapman vape around without any spilling out.

Now I began lighting the bottom of the brass dish with my butane torch and held it there for about 6 or so seconds. I started to see a small amount of vapor creeping out of the top so I took a pull. Not only was the pull smooth as can be but it was a surprisingly big pull for the size of this thing. I was very VERY pleasantly surprised.

When I got that slight burnt popcorn taste I knew it was time to dump the used material. When I opened up the Vapman vaporizer I saw the material was a nice shade of orange, knowing I had vaporized and not burnt my material, which of course is the goal and that goal was successfully achieved.

After one use I think I’m in love. Would this crush on my new vape last?

Vapman After Consistent Use

Wow. My love affair with this vape is still in full swing. I have come to call this vape the “Noisy Cricket” because it reminds me of that small ass gun Will Smith was running around shooting in that Men in Black movie. I actually made the comparison while catching the movie randomly on some movie channel while using the Vapman. When I’m vaping it doesn’t take much to entertain me.

After truly being able to master this Vapman portable vape I am able to say this is one of the hardest hitting vaporizers out there. Perhaps it’s the fact that the material is vaping a mere inch from where you pull, but all I can say is the hits are smooth but pack not only a punch but more of a roundhouse kick straight to your face.

I guess a couple cons of the vape would be having to have a butane torch handy at all times, which those aren’t always the easiest to just find at a gas station, and the fact that combustion with the Vapman is very possible. The butane torch necessity can not be avoided but the combustion part can be and rather easily.

I’ll admit, I kind of charred the base of my Vapman from holding the torch to the bottom for too long and stretching the amount of material I was using to the point of combustion. I learned quickly how to correct this.

The Vapman does not hold a lot of material and therefore it is good for 2 very fresh pulls and then a 3rd that will pretty much kick it. Going past that and you are entering the realm of combustion folks. Lighting the Vapman vape for 6 seconds is the best length of time to make sure you don’t burn your material.

Also when you first pull from it give it a second and, without lighting, pull from it again. The brass plate will still be hot enough for you to achieve another pull from it. This will avoid combustion and you charring the bottom of it like I did.

Cleaning with the Vapman is pretty easy as well. The tried and true method of a q-tip soaked in solvent or soapy water cleaned the brass plate off just fine. As far the outer part of the Vapman you can use some wood cleaner to scrub off any resin marks you might have accidentally got on there. Overall it is really pretty easy to clean.

The last thing I have to mention is that small amount you are using per one pack of the Vapman is MORE than enough for one person. So you can imagine how much the Vapman can stretch your material. Just another added bonus.

The Final Word on The Vapman

The Vapman is an extremely efficient and powerful portable herbal vaporizer. I have been taking this thing everywhere with me. The butane torch will not bog you down as much as you might think and the simple egg sized carrying case is absolutely perfect. I love the Vapman and I don’t think there will be anything changing my mind on that.

If you need something extremely small, discrete, but still can give you that knockout punch you are looking for then you need not look any longer because the Vapman is what you seek.

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