Vapolution 2.0 Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Vapolution 2.0 is a hands free glass on glass herbal vaporizer that actually has been marketed as a portable vape of sorts as well. The reason it is sometimes marketed as a portable vape is because of the fact it comes with a car charger and has a rechargeable battery available for purchase.

The Vapolution 2.0 is the newest model of the previous vape, the Vapolution, and is said to have improved upon multiple problems with the first. But is this vape just boasting portability and an improved vaping experience without delivering the goods? Well I guess that is what you are here to find out, isn’t it?

Vapolution 2.0 First Impressions

First thing I noticed, having used the original Vapolution, is that the the outer design is not only slightly smaller, but also sleeker looking. The old Vapolution kind of looked like a little trash can to me, the Vapolution 2.0 is much better looking. The weight is also improved, the 2.0 weighs roughly half of what the original Vapolution weighed. So I suppose this works more toward their goal of having an at home vape that can also be considered portable.

Also in the realm of portability, the fact that the Vapolution is powered by a 12V DC plug makes it easy to plug in with a number of cords you might already have. It comes with a car charger for example, so if you go camping or you’re out on a boat a lot that can really come in handy and make it very portable. If you really want this vape to be portable though you would have to purchase the optional “smart charger” and rechargeable battery (both come together).

The polycarbonate chassis for the Vapolution seems durable enough but you have to wonder, with an all glass design for heating, how well can it protect from shattering the glass parts inside? Well, not too well. I dropped the Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer off a table, not that high of a table, and the glass inside had broken and I had to send it back for repair.

I can’t condemn a vape because I’m clumsy of course, but I would hope when using so many glass parts they would go through a greater length to protect those parts. But I might have had it hit the floor at just the right angle to break, no way of telling really.

The heating element, however, is where the Vapolution has gained all of its popularity. The all glass path the vapor takes, from the heating element to the food grade hands free whip tubing, is not going to be exposed to any circuitry or wires so your vapor is top quality. The top quality vapor of course is all in theory, which leads us to the use of the Vapolution 2.0

My First Vapolution 2.0 Experience

Before I get in to the first use, let me say right off the bat I did in fact purchase the additional “smart charger” and rechargeable battery because I got a deal on them when getting the unit so I figured why not. Also it would help in this review to review everything the Vapolution has to offer.

So I first turned on the unit and turned the temperature knob to about half way, which is a little less than pointing straight up or about 11 o’clock. First thing you’ll notice when switching the unit on is the illuminated power switch that lights up green when turned to the on position. This really serves no purpose other than adding effect. I say this because that light doesn’t change when the vape is heated up or anything, so it is purely aesthetic.

Heat up time generally takes anywhere from 4 to 6 minutes, never heating up faster than 4 minutes or slower than 6. This heat up time is a little faster than the original Vapolution but not really by much, probably not enough to even mention really.

Once heated up it was time to pack the bowl end of the whip on the Vapolution, but the bowl end is less of a bowl and more of just a straight glass tube. This is where things with the Vapolution are really different when looking at other vapes similar to it. It says right in the instructions of the Vapolution 2.0 vape to not grind your material. At all. Instead they say to insert “pods” of your material into the glass tube because if it is ground up it can just fall right into the heating element.

Now this immediately threw up a red flag for me because the whole point of vaporizing is having the hot air pass over the surface area of your material, bringing the essential ingredients you want and leaving harmful plant matter or carcinogens behind.

This of course is still possible with “pods” of material rather than ground up material but you are not maximizing what you can get out of your material since when you don’t grind your material there is far less surface area to work with.

Pushing that point aside for a minute, what I can say is that the Vapolution 2.0 herbal vaporizer delivered a nice smooth vapor, one you would expect from an all glass connection. But the problem for me was it didn’t seem better than the vapor you would get from an Extreme Q and it really didn’t even seem as good as the Q either.

So what is there really to gain besides saving a few bucks? But think of it like this: when you get a Q you get a remote, balloon inflation, 5 fan speeds, LED display, and it’s just as easy to use. So add all that up and it makes a lot more sense to just spend the extra money for an Extreme Q if at all possible.

Vapolution 2.0 After Consistent Use

The Vapolution 2.0 vape after extended use still delivers a pretty good vaporizing experience with no learning curve what so ever. I ended up cranking the temperature up a little more to a little past 12 o’clock on the dial which lead to a thicker vapor but it was still pretty cool. Cleaning out the whip of used material is pretty easy as well by just blowing through the mouthpiece and then cleaning glass parts the standard way of soaking them over night.

One thing that still does bother me though is the whole using “pods” instead of grinding your material. When taking the pods of material out of the vape after vaporizing you can break some of them open and see that there is still some potential in this material to vaporize with.

So what I would suggest is saving all your used material from the Vapolution 2.0, grind it up, and throw it in another vape if you have one. You don’t want to waste any of that precious material, do you?

The rechargeable battery I got with it worked fine, lasting through about 2 hours of vaporization. The Vapolution 2.0 stayed pretty cool to the touch as well, so it made moving it around when I was using the rechargeable battery very easy. I hate when I’m moving a vape around and I have to grab a hand towel or something so you don’t burn yourself.

Lastly I MUST report a major problem with the original Vapolution that has been fixed with the 2.0, the temperature knob no longer gets clogged in any way and stops it from turning. The old version used to get clogged with mica (according to the manufacturer) and it would either make the dial next to impossible to move or it would end up popping off in some cases.

Although the Vapolution and the Vapolution 2.0 both have lifetime warranties it was still a pain that the temperature knob could so easily break and have to be repaired.

The Final Word on The Vapolution 2.0

If you have used the original Vapolution and you liked it then you will most certainly like the Vapolution 2.0. They have improved the design and fixed its biggest problem with a breaking temperature knob.

If you have never used a Vapolution then I would still suggest the Vapolution 2.0 to you simply because it is not all that expensive, it’s really easy to use, and the glass on glass connection provides a vapor quality usually reserved for vapes double the price.

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