Vapor Bat by VripTech

The Vapor Bat by VripTech, not to be confused with the VaporBat made by VaporGenie, is a small portable vaporizer that is actually designed to be used with a car lighter. It’s an odd concept because I don’t see many people vaporizing while driving or in their car.

It has an intake slider that you slide back and forth to get the proper level of heat. It is made of a non-toxic(borosilicate) glass. I kind of have a hard time considering this an actually vaporizer to be honest.

What do I like about the Vapor Bat by VripTech?

Te Vapor Bat is really more like a one-hitter than a vaporizer. It is extremely easy to burn the herb and I really couldn’t find a way not to burn it, maybe that is just me though. The flavor was also very inconsistent due to the burning.

You could probably just call this a pipe and call it a day. It has the capability of vaporizing I suppose, but really is more trouble than it is worth.

Here is what comes with the Vapor Bat by VripTech:

  • Vapor Bat
  • Instruction Manual

Vapor Bat giving you a hard time? Check out the simple step by step instructions to use the Vapor Bat.

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