Vapor Brothers Vaporizer Review

The Vapor Brothers Vaporizer is your typical box style, hands-free vaporizer but is a pretty steady seller because of it’s relatively cheap price and good vaporizing experience. One thing Vapor Brothers claims that sets their vape apart from all the other box style vaporizers out there is that they use a ceramic natural mineral heating element.

The natural mineral heater is apparently cleaner than other ceramic heating elements which contain more than just ceramic. Basically it just means you will get a cleaner vapor than other vaporizers using a ceramic heating element. I didn’t notice too much of a difference really.

The Vapor Brothers vaporizer itself is made of bamboo and has the typical box design for the most part. The ease of use of this vaporizer is what I would say would draw most to it. It’s really easy to manage and is a good vaporizers for you first timers.

Here is what comes with the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer:

  • Vapor Brothers Vaporizer
  • Bamboo Pick
  • Aromatherapy Bulb
  • Vapor Whip Tubing and Mouthpiece
  • Stir Tool
  • Magnetic Acrylic Grinder
  • Instruction Manual

What do I like about the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer?

I like the simplicity of the Vapor Brothers Vape. Even without an LED read out this vape is really easy to use. The bamboo construction also feels really solid. As I said before the natural mineral ceramic heating element didn’t really seem to make a difference, but I was paying attention for it so it might have just been in my head.

I also have to note that this vape needs to be refilled frequently due to the amount of herb you can fit in the whip is not a lot. It might make some get fed up and start over-packing the whip and wasting herb. Overall it is a decent vaporizer and the price isn’t too bad but I still think it should be cheaper.

Having trouble operating the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer? See our quick step by step instructions on using it.

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