Vapor Genie Vaporizer Review

When I saw the Vapor Genie Vaporizing Pipe I seriously couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and give it a go. The Vapor Genie is unlike any other you will find for the simple fact that there are no batteries, no plug, and it is small enough to fit in your pocket. It is constructed out of ash wood, which is the same the MLB uses in baseball bats, and sanded down.

It comes in a variety of colors or wood finishes and there is even a glass Vapor Genie. I went with a wooden finish and it is pretty sleek looking. The top bowl piece is screwed into the lower pipe part and the threading on it is great, no hassle to get it to screw right in.

What do I like about Vapor Genie Pipe Vaporizers?

First and foremost I love that the Vapor Genie is doing something no one else is and supplying the public with one of the most portable vape out there. The construction on the Vapor Genie is top notch and it has a nice weight to it so it doesn’t feel like it is just going to snap in half. The technology on it is pretty ridiculous as well. Your herb is placed in the bowl on top and when you use your lighter to light it up the flame is never touching the herb.

The Vapor Genie comes complete with:

  • Vapor Genie Vaporizing Pipe
  • Herbal Stir Tool
  • Instruction Manual

Rather the Vapor Genie is using a ceramic flame filter inside with tons of tiny holes, similar to a sponge almost, that heat the herb and release the vapor. Now they even say on their website this will not produce as clean a vapor as a high end vape may, but don’t be fooled it is still ultra high quality vapor you are inhaling.

If you need a helping hand, check out these effortless step by step instructions for the Vapor Genie.

Final Word

The one thing that caught my attention when looking at the Vapor Genie was it seemed great, but how do you clean this thing? Well after searching around a bit I found out it really couldn’t be simpler. What you do is boil some water and run it through the vape from the top of the bowl until it comes out of the mouth piece.

When all is said and done this is a great solution for a vape if you need something that can be used on the fly almost anywhere. Recently I was able to smoke at a bonfire and actually use a vape! Also at a price tag of $50 and a lifetime warranty you really can’t go wrong.

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Still not sure the Vapor Genie is the best vape for you? Compare the Vapor Genie to other portable vapes.

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