VaporTower Herbal Vaporizer Review

The VaporTower is a whip style herbal vaporizer with a new vertical airflow system that features a center cut hole in the heating element to improve air flow. The VaporTower is made by VaporStore and has gotten a lot of very good reviews.

The two things that are supposed to separate it from standard box vaporizers, the vertical air flow and center cut hole in the heating element, are supposedly what make it so great. Lets find out if the good reviews are warranted.

VaporTower First Impressions

The VaporTower at first glance is very nice looking. I got the dark oak color which is actually a lot darker than the pictures online, mine is basically straight black. That isn’t a complaint because I think the black wood design looks awesome. The whole thing was just really sleek looking and I wanted to get to vaporizing with it right away.

The VaporTower is hand made in the USA and they make sure that is something you know right away with a big sticker on the bubble wrap surrounding the VaporTower. I don’t blame them for making it so prominent, I’d want people to know it was made in the USA too. Usually a good sign that it is high quality.

On top of the VaporTower is a hole that has the heating element. The heating element is a ceramic heating element that is encased in glass. Looking at it you can see the center cut hole that is mentioned a lot in the description and reviews of the vaporizer online.

This is one of the first vapes with a center cut hole in the heating element but it is standard on most vapes with vertical air flow these days, such as the Extreme Q and the V-Tower. But the VaporTower’s center cut hole appears to be a bit bigger.

The steel temperature knob appears to be sturdy too. Any time you are dealing with a temperature knob as opposed to setting the temperature by buttons or a remote you run the risk of the dial breaking or starting to stick. You still have the risk of the buttons or remote breaking as well of course, but temperature dials are far more likely to break in my experience. For what it’s worth the dial does seem pretty solid so it might not be a concern.

When I put on the the bowl end of the whip on to the heating element I found that it couldn’t rotate on the heating element very easily. No vaporizer really does it with ease but the Extreme Q’s whip is probably the best at it. I figured with the VaporTower vaporizer being a vertical airflow vaporizer that it might rotate a little easier.

My First VaporTower Experience

Once I had plugged in the VaporTower I flipped the red power switch up and it instantly lit up to let me know it was heating up. Next I turned the dial to about 1 o’clock as my temperature, which is a good starting point. I removed the VaporTower hand kit from the top of the VaporTower while the unit was heating up, as instructed by the manufacturer.

The reason for this is you don’t want your material in the bowl while it is heating up and unscrewing the dual screen bowl after it has been heating on the heating element would be difficult since it would be so hot.

It takes the VaporTower about 5 minutes to fully hit its temperature. There is nothing to show whether or not it is fully heated up or not but you’ll know when you first try to pull whether it is hot enough or not. So after a little experimentation I found that after 5 minutes it seems to get good pulls.

The first pull I got from the VaporTower vape was really nice. It was cool, smooth, and a nice thick vapor. The whip on the VaporTower is pretty flexible making it easy to use, however, it still remains even after some use that the bowl does not twist easily on the heating element. This can be a pain if you have company, but not so much when using it by yourself.

The material seemed to really stretch with the VaporTower. One bowl pack, which held a pretty significant amount, lasted me a long time. I pretty much lost count of the pulls, but it felt like I was using one bowl pack for a very long time. When you’re done you have to be careful when removing the hand kit because the bowl ends heats up a lot, even the part you use to unscrew and open the bowl. So take the hand kit off when you’re done and give it a little time before opening.

VaporTower After Consistent Use

After using the VaporTower for a while now I can say I really like this vaporizer, but there are some little things that do bug me. Some of the things I don’t like is the bowl end of the whip not rotating properly on the heating element, being unable to tell when the vape is heated up, and how much the bowl heats up towards the top where you open it.

The bowl end of the heating element not rotating easily on the heating element gets to me because I often am using any vape with a friend, more so than if I were to be alone. So passing it around became kind of a headache and usually resulted in us having to get up and hand the whip over rather than just passing it while sitting at a table.

Also this makes tipping the vape over really easy to do. If you are passing the whip and you think you are about to get it to twist it can often tip over, which can easily result in shattering the glass top to the VaporTower hand kit.

The VaporTower herbal vaporizer appeared to be ready in just about 5 minutes to use but sometimes I would wait 5 minutes and it still wouldn’t quite be ready. Trying to use it while it isn’t fully heated can result in wasting some of your material. So it would be a lot more convenient if there were some way of telling when the VaporTower is at the temperature you set.

The same reason they ask you not to have the hand kit on the heating element while the vape is heating up is the same reason repacking it can be a pain. After you have been using the VaporTower vape for a while and it is time to dump your used material you have to deal with how hot the area that unscrews the bowl from the whip can get.

Sometimes it was too hot to touch at all but I did find that it often wasn’t too crazy and it only needed a minute to cool down. Another reason you do not want the whip on the heating element while it is heating up is it can heat the glass bowl end so much that when you start to pull it can actually crack. This happened to me once so keep that in mind.

Aside from these tiny complaints I know I can always count on the VaporTower to deliver a thick and very smooth vapor and I have not had any durability issues. I have tipped it over a couple times and not broken anything and the wood has no signs of cracking at all.

The Final Word on the VaporTower

Overall I really like the VaporTower. It is very comparable to the Arizer V-Tower or Extreme Q, except for the extra bells and whistles offered by the Arizer products. The vapor the VaporTower delivers has been great every time and I really don’t see the VaporTower breaking down on me any time soon. There aren’t a lot of moving parts so it is less likely to crap out then say something with a digital display.

If you need a competitively priced hands free at home herbal vaporizer then the VaporTower could be what you have been looking for.

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