VaporBat by VaporGenie Vaporizer Review

The VaporBat is a very portable(only 4.5” long) and can fit right in your pocket without having to worrying about it breaking due to the strong build. The VaporBat is made of one solid piece of aluminum, instead of like most portable pipes which are made of glass which cuts down on any vape’s portability.

If you are familiar with the VaporGenie pipe than you are pretty much familiar with this vape. It has the same ceramic filter that you find in a VaporGenie and delivers a similar vaporizing experience.

The flame intake hole is located on the side of the aluminum build which is really nice because you can see where to hold the lighter easily. Being able to see exactly where you have to put the lighter flame is invaluable when using a vape such as this.

You do have to hold the flame to the VaporBat vape a little longer than most vaporizers like this one because aluminum absorbs more heat, however, this is not a bad thing. This allows you to get a good amount of vapor without burning the herb and thus defeating the purpose.

What do I like about the VaporBat Vaporizer?

There is definitely a lot to like about the VaporBat. First off the portability of it is exceptional. There are tons of lighter fueled vapes out there that are around this size but they all make one mistake that the VaporBat didn’t, they make it out of glass. Having something this thin and small made of glass makes transporting it really difficult unless you have some type of case.

But if you need a bulky case that too cuts down on the portability. Secondly, as I said above, I can’t say enough how important the fuel intake hole being in an easily visible spot really is to a vaporizer like the VaporBat. Most of the time it is placed in some weird spot that is on the under-belly of the vape and it can be really easy to burn your herb.

Here’s a list of everything that comes with the VaporBat:

  • Aluminum VaporBat
  • Instruction Manual

Need a helping hand on using the VaporBat? Check out our simple step by step instructions on how to use it.

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