Ah finally, a combination of two of my favorite things a vaporizer and a blunt. Now the Vapor BLUNT and a blunt share little in common other than shape, but the name alone drew me in like a moth to light.

With the release of the Arizer Solo I have pretty much disregarded any news of a new portable vaporizer, but the Vapor BLUNT was different for some reason and I just HAD to have it. Here’s what I thought.

First Impressions

From the pictures the first thing I noticed is it is a lot larger than I had imagined. With it being called the Vapor BLUNT I imagined it would be about as long as your standard blunt, just a lot thicker for obvious reasons. The Vapor BLUNT is about 10 inches long if you include the mouthpiece, so don’t let the pictures deceive like they did to me.

Vaporblunt Vaporizer Review

My new VB charging up for the first time. The light will blink red when it is time to recharge.

Holding the Vapor BLUNT has this strange comfort to it. I say strange because it isn’t the smallest vape in the world but somehow I find myself still holding it like a blunt. Basically what I am saying is the Vapor BLUNT is not at all cumbersome and I assure you that you will be comfortable holding it and passing it around to friends.

The Vapor BLUNT has one button on it. That’s it. This single light up button operates everything you will need. Press it once and it begins to heat up to its preset temp of 390° Fahrenheit. Press it again and it throws the Vapor BLUNT into overdrive, pushing the temperature to 410° Fahrenheit. Press it and hold for about 3 seconds one final time and it shuts the VaporBLUNT off. Sounds too simple, right? Well I regret to inform you that there is no more to it than that.

Next I saw the cap to the herb chamber and became giddy with excitement. Why get all hyped over an herb chamber cap you ask? Because it has a knob on top that you can twist, which in turn twists the attached stir tool internally thus stirring your blend for you without having to open up the herb chamber and lose heat. WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN THOUGHT OF BEFORE. This is a feature I now demand on all vaporizers.

Lastly as far as looks you will notice the opening where the charger plugs in to charge the lithium-ion battery. It isn’t an eye sore and it doesn’t get in the way. not much else to report there.

What is the VaporBLUNT?

Basic Diagram of the VaporBLUNT

My First Vapor BLUNT Experience

Writing this part of the review took a little while. I had to come down from the moon I was sent to after using this thing for the first time. Let’s dive deep into what makes this vape a great one.

I first pressed the button and it began to blink green, signaling it has begun to heat up. Next thing I knew it was a solid green, meaning it was heated up. I wasn’t prepared for it to heat up that fast so I let it cool down to room temp again and timed it this time. It reaches the 390° Fahrenheit mark at about 50 seconds. Lightning fast.

Now it was time to fill ‘er up. I unscrewed the herb chamber cap and dumped in a small amount of herb, using my NO2 herbal scoop of course. I immediately closed the cap and gave it about 10 seconds and took my first pull. I got a nice thick vapor and it was cool to boot. It wasn’t until I kicked the Vapor BLUNT into overdrive when I got HUGE vapor pulls. I immediately compared it to the vapor pulls from the Solo. This is mostly thanks to the ceramic heating element.

From one single pack of the herb chamber I’d say I got about a 15 minute session out of it. I was pulling steadily about every minute, so I was pleased with how it stretched my herb as well. The Vapor BLUNT did get a little warm after it was on for about 15 minutes, but nowhere near too hot to handle, just wanted to point out that you don’t want to expect it to remain cool to the touch at all times.

So after my first go around there really is no negative to report.

Vapor Blunt Up Close

Left: A closer look at the VaporBLUNT’s unique “stir cap” Right: The VaporBLUNT all packed up and ready to use.

Vapor BLUNT After Consistent Use

I must say that the Vapor BLUNT has held up very well so far. After a few weeks of use the battery hasn’t taken any hit in how long it lasts or how long it takes to charge. Off a full charge the Vapor BLUNT gives you between an hour and a half to 2 hours of vaporization time and takes about an equal time to charge back to full.

Cleaning the stainless steel screen was also very easy. The Vapor BLUNT makes it really easy to remove and after soaking it in some rubbing alcohol overnight it washed clean super fast.

I also have to say how much I love the stir tool cap. It is such a simple little idea yet it makes a gigantic difference. I almost want to start a petition for this to be included on every vaporizer made from here on out. Forever. It stretches your material sooo much farther than normal that the Vapor BLUNT is basically paying for itself.

But wait, can it be used while charging? YES. That is very important.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really can’t complain about much on the Vapor BLUNT. Would I like it if the battery lasted longer while using it? Yea, but it can be used while charging so that complaint is pretty much null and void.

If you have been looking for a great portable vape at a reasonable price then the Vapor BLUNT is more than worth your time and money.

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