Vaporfection JR Digital Stealth II Vaporizer Review

This is a high end, hands free vaporizer that will set you back a few bucks but is also well worth the money. Like the Volcano Vaporizer, the Vaporfection JR Digital comes in a digital design and non-digital design, for those of you looking to save some money($80 to be exact).

The Vaporfection JR Digital may look relatively bland on the outside but as some say (and little actually believe) it’s what’s on the inside that counts! The digital temperature readout is easy to read and easy to use. Also if you are one who likes things that light up and look all fancy the Vaporfection JR Digital has you covered with an LED tube that lights up and changes color. Just don’t get caught staring at it and space out.

Check out what comes with the Vaporfection JR Digital:

  • Vaporfection JR Digital Stealth II Vaporizer
  • Vapor Whip
  • Instruction Manual

What do I like about the Vaporfection JR Digital Vaporizer?

I really like the simple, straight to the point design of it. The Vaporfection JR Digital isn’t flashy, aside from the glowing LED tube, but it delivers. The smoke is very clean and had a nice taste. This is probably mostly attributed to the fact that it uses a glass heating element. Glass heating elements are generally cleaner than ceramic heating elements and that reflects in smoke taste.

One thing that impressed me was how the microprocessor measures the heat and air movement through the vape to control the heater’s output. In English that means it controls how much of the hot air is coming in with the vapor to reduce harshness. Another cool feature is the whip features a heatless grip so you won’t have to worry about grabbing part of the whip and it being extremely hot, which has happened to me a handful of times before.

Check out our quick step by step instructions to using the Vaporfection JR Digital

So in summation the Vaporfection JR Digital Vaporizer is a solid vape that has a nice sleek, simple design and delivers a great taste. It is a little pricey and that could deter some, but it is a very solid convection vape and I would definitely recommend the Vaporfection JR Digital.

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