Vaporfection JR Vaporizer Review

The non digital version of the Vaporfection JR Stealth II, the Vaporfection JR Vaporizer still delivers. Really the only difference you run into between the Vaporfection JR and it’s digital brother is well, the LED temperature read out. Seems obvious but usually when a company upgrades their vape to digital they usually improve several other areas as well.

With this vape they were just adding an LED readout to an already solid vape. All of these vapes are hand crafted in the USA and come with a 3 year warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on the heating element.

It uses a glass on glass style by the heating element being glass as well as the whip itself. Another thing of note is the whip does not heat up with use. Some have said the Vaporfection JR is the mini Rolls Royce of vaporizers and it’s kind of hard to argue.

What do I like about Vaporfection JR Herbal Vaporizers?

I love the aluminum construction used on the body of the Vaporfection JR and also on the temperature knob. Feels very solid and seems like it could take some abuse and keep on ticking. Like some other vaporizers, Vaporfection has given the Vaporfection JR a glass hole an LED light that makes it change colors while in use.

This is something really simple but for some reason I just love it when vapes have this feature. Also with the aluminum temperature knob you only have to set your desired temperature once and then you can just leave it.

Check out what you get with the Vaporfection JR:

  • Vaporfection JR Vaporizer
  • Vapor Whip
  • Instruction Manual

When you heat up the Vaporfection JR you don’t have to always turn it to maximum heat like some other vapes require. Glass on glass vaporization usually always leads to a pleasant smoking experience and this vape is no different.

You get nice thick tasteful hits from the start of the session until the end, couldn’t say much better about the smoking experience. The option on this vape and the digital one to have a balloon attachment would have been nice, but isn’t a big deal.

You can find some helpful step by step instructions for the Vaporfection JR here

So with this vape you’re getting the same as the digital version just sans LED read out. Both deliver a great smoking experience and the digital version just makes the heating process a little more convenient since you know what temperature you are at exactly, but not having to reset the temperature knob on this vape every time you use it makes it easy.

You find the temperature you like best, set it there, and forget about it. Just another feature to make the Vaporfection JR Vaporizer a great vape to have.

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