Vaporfection Novus Vaporizer Review

The Vaporfection Novus is highly similar to the Vaporfection Stealth II Digital Vaporizer, but it improves on it in several ways. Think of it like the improvements that were made on the V-Tower Vaporizer with the Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer. First off the vapor whip is made of medical grade tubing, which is the best you can get. The aluminum shell has also been upgraded to help heat dispersion and to keep the outside of the vaporizer cool to the touch.

With all Vaporfection vapes one of their main selling points is their Vapor Delivery System(VDS). What the VDS does is measures the smallest change in temperature and adjusts accordingly. They improved their VDS system for the Novus which results in a better vapor than their older models. Also of note is it employs a glass heating element as well, which many consider to be among the best heating elements.

What do I like about the Vaporfection Novus?

The Novus vape is a little pricey and I am not entirely sold that it delivers enough to justify it’s high price tag. It is a good whip vaporizer and that isn’t really up for debate much. The only debate here is whether or not the price is justified. A couple of additions I do really like though are the automatic shut off feature, the set it and forget it temperature setting, and the fact that there aren’t any special fan controls to deal with.

The automatic shut off feature to me is something every vaporizer should have. There have been more times than I can count that I have left my vaporizer on and completely didn’t realize. Not only is it wasting energy but it is a legitimate fire hazard, for most vapes anyway. So having the Vaporfection Novus shut itself off automatically after a certain amount of idle time is great. More and more vaporizers are adding this option now a days for the reasons I just listed.

Here is what comes with the Vaporfection Novus:

  • Vapor Whip
  • Power Cord
  • Medical Grade Tubing
  • Instruction Manual

The set it and forget it type of temperature control means you find that temperature you want top vaporize at and then never have to change it if you don’t want to. Simply turn the Novus on and it will automatically go to the temperature you set previously, just makes things easier.

Next, the fact that there aren’t any confusing fan controls is a plus to me. I’ve been known to fuddle around with fan controls trying to get it right and usually not having much success. But part of the Novus VDS is helping with better air flow using the fan.

Having some trouble with the Vaporfection Novus? Check out our quick step by step instructions on how to use it.

In the end it is still hard to say if these new options warrant you spending the extra money but one things is for certain, the Vaporfection Novus is definitely an upgrade over the previous Stealth II and JR models.

Still not sure this is the vape for you? Compare the Vaporfection Novus to other whip vaporizers.

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