Vaporite Vaporizer

The Vaporite is a box style hands free vaporizer with a sleek look and nice design. It comes with an LED temperature read out and a ground glass vapor whip. The ceramic heating element on this vape is top of the line and works great, heating up in about three minutes. Also they give you an aromatherapy bulb for vaporizing oils.

Some say this is the best cheap vaporizer to get you started on the market today. You can usually find this vape between $100 and $150 so you aren’t paying that much but you will be getting a very reliable vaporizer.

What do I like about the Vaporite Vaporizer?

I like the design a lot, even though it is just your standard box vaporizer it still has a nice look to it. I think this vape is definitely a great entry level vaporizer for anyone looking to get into it. I also found that the vapor quality the Vaporite Vaporizer gave off was pretty god for a box style vaporizer as well. The vaporization process is made extra easy with a simple to set digital temperature control and hands free vapor whip.

Here is what they give you packaged with the Vaporite:

  • Vaporite Vaporizer
  • Vapor Whip
  • 2 Replacement Screens
  • Wood Stirring Tool
  • Aromatherapy Bowl
  • Instruction Manual

Really what is best about this vape is if you have putting off buying a vaporizer this vape comes cheap but delivers a great experience, so it is helping eliminate the number of lazy hesitant people who have yet to get into vaporizing.

If your Vaporite is giving you some trouble why don’t you check out our easy step by step instructions to using it

Like I said overall the Vaporite is a good vape for a low price. It may not deliver like the top of the line vaporizers, such as the Volcano, but still is a great vape. If you having putting off getting a vaporizer because of price than the Vaporite might be the vaporizer for you.

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Still not sure the Vaporite is the best vape for you? Compare the Vaporite to other whip vaporizers.

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