There are plenty of forced air vaporizers out there today, so we have put together a chart to help everyone compare them and find the right vape for them. We have the average price and reviews for each vaporizer. Also you can find some tips on how to operate the different vaporizers.

Forced Air Vaporizers

Below are all the vaporizers in the forced air vaporizers category, in no particular order. Click a vaporizer's name to begin reading reviews and ratings.

ImageVaporizerReviewHow to UseSellers
Volcano VaporizersReadInstructionsCompare
Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
Evolutions v7 VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
V-Tower Extreme VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
Vapormatic Deluxe VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
Voodoo Mystifire VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
Vaporfection NovusReadInstructionsCompare
Vapir Classic Rechargeable VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
Zephyr ION VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
Vaporfection JR Digital Stealth II VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
Vapir One v5.0 VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
Predator VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
HerbalAire H2.1 VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
Vaporfection JR VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare
Natural Goods VaporizerReadInstructionsCompare