Vapormatic Deluxe Vaporizer Review

The Vapormatic Deluxe is made by Vapir and is literally identical to the Voodoo Mystifire. It has the same buttons and same control and even the same features. It sports the dual method of inhalation by using either a whip or filling a balloon.

Since the Vapormatic Deluxe looks the same as the Voodoo naturally it also reminds me of a toaster or an old radio. I’m really not a fan of the look but that of course is completely opinion. The Vapormatic Deluxe and the Voodoo seem to be the Volcano’s biggest competition to date.

The Vapormatic Deluxe also sports a nice LED temperature read out on the upper right of the vape on the front. Like the Voodoo as well the only real down side to the Vapormatic Deluxe is how loud the fan can be, but really that shouldn’t bother most too much.

What you’ll get with the Vapormatic Deluxe:

  • Vapormatic Deluxe Vaporizer
  • 3 Filling Discs
  • Plastic Tweezers
  • Vapor Balloons
  • Vapor Whip
  • Instruction Manual

What do I like about Vapormatic Deluxe Herbal Vaporizers?

I enjoy being able to change the fan speed, to either speed up or slow down the vapor delivery is something that comes in handy mostly depending on your mood. The heat up time is only about 2 minutes tops, so for a vape it’s size it is a pretty quick heat up time.

You know when the Vapormatic Deluxe is heated up and ready to vaporize by the LED light changing to green. Just like the Voodoo the Vapormatic Deluxe also comes with a lifetime warranty. It really just goes to show the effort Vapir goes through to keep their customers happy.

Check out some simple step by step instructions for this vaporizer

In the end this really is the same thing as the Voodoo Mystifire. Really the only difference is the Vapormatic Deluxe is $25 more, sitting at $300 from most vendors. With either of these vapes you really can’t go wrong.

I’d suggest either one and preference will most likely come down to which one you think looks better, with the balloons and the logos on the Vapormatic Deluxe being the only noticeable change.

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