VaporSnake Herbal Vaporizer System Review

The VaporSnake Herbal Vaporizer System is a vape that caught my attention with it’s looks right off the bat. Every single one is hand made with ceramic and sports an awesome looking snake on top. The snake at the top is actually what holds the herb chamber in. It gently slides in and out and has a perfect fit.

When I look at this vaporizer I am constantly thinking, ride the snaaaake! The ceramic vape connects to a black box that supplies it power and has a whip that is attached to the VaporSnake and comes out the front near the top.

Really this is probably the most unique looking vape out there not named the Predator. Being hand made it definitely adds a certain feel to the whole thing. The temperature knob of course allows all different heat settings for each person’s preference and it is said that the VaporSnake can get about 80% of the active ingredients in your herb into the vapor, which is higher than most vapes.

What do I like about VaporSnake Herbal Vaporizers?

First and foremost I love that it is hand made and doesn’t look like every other vaporizer on the market. Unlike the Predator though, the VaporSnake delivers in quality as well as design. The price isn’t that bad considering you are getting a hand made vape, it can usually be found for around $250.

You can find what comes with the VaporSnake below:

  • Hand Made VaporSnake Herbal Vaporizer
  • Vapor Whip
  • Instruction Manual

The temperature knob doesn’t have any type of digital read out but I found that ¾ to full got me the best results. The smoking experience with the VaporSnake was a great one. The only things bad about smoking from it I could actually say are it tends to be a little loud when hitting it and there is a bit of an odor from it.

If those things don’t bother you then you have nothing to worry about with the VaporSnake. I also couldn’t get over the awesome placement of the herb chamber. Having the snake be what is holding the herb chamber in place was a nice touch.

You can find the smooth step by step instructions I use for my VaporSnake here.

Overall I really like the VaporSnake. They did something original and the fact that they stuck to hand made vapes is also awesome. The smoking experience with the VaporSnake Vaporizer is great and it is a vape I feel like I can leave out in the open since it is far from an eye sore.

So if you are big on aesthetics but still want a great vaporizing experience, look no further than the VaporSnake.

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