VaporStore Customer Service:

I must say VaporStore has a lot of options for a customer in need. Most importantly is they have a very informative frequently asked questions page. To me you can’t beat a well written FAQ page because 99 out of 100 times you will find the answer to your question without having to send an email or call anyone. They also have a ticket system where you submit a question and are basically told when it will be answered by. I put in a question and got a response in less than an hour. For those who like to actually speak to someone they do have a toll free phone number open 9 to 5 PST. As far as after you have placed your order, they do have tracking on their packages, which are boxed and billed discretely. Where they really excel is they have a repair center. Yes, a repair center. You can send in an old vape that hasn’t been working right, or hasn’t been working at all, and they will fix it for you. Really love this feature.

VaporStore Variety and Selection of Vapes:

Vaporstore has every vaporizer I have ever heard of, that’s for sure. Vaporstore sells vapes whole sale so they pretty much have to have the best selection around. Like most other sites they have the vapes categorized by hands free, portable, etc. Where they set themselves apart is they have what they call a vaporizer buyer’s guide. This makes it extremely easy for a first time buyer to find the vape for them. They have them sub-categorized into four sections: Ease of Use, Most Effective, Cost Effective, and Best Looking. I think this is really helpful for someone who is looking to get into vapes, but not as helpful as out vaporizer reviews of course!

Vaporstore Shipping Methods:

All the standard shipping methods are offered here. VaporStore ships USPS(United States Postal Service) and give you several ways of shipping USPS amongst several different payment options. They offer the following shipping methods:

First Class Mail (3 to 5 Days)
Priority Mail (2 to 3 Days)
Express Mail (1 to 2 Days)

For First class mail you should note that you can not track your package if it is sent this way, which pretty much sucks for people who constantly worry about shit. Also if you choose express mail it is most likely going to come overnight depending on your location. The payment options are pretty standard, money order, credit card(VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC), but they also offer Amazon payments. If you aren’t familiar with Amazon payments it is basically a payment service similar to paypal that is run by

VaporStore Deals and Coupons:

I couldn’t find any coupon codes or anything, but VaporStore does have a mailing list so that is most likely where you get them. However, VaporStore is not lacking in deals at all. You get free shipping on all orders over $75, which most vaporizers are over that price. Also you get a free grinder with every order no matter how big or small which is nice. When you’re checking out you have several deals available to you that you can select from. Here are some options available to you:

  • Free Acrylic Grinder
    Aluminum Grinder ($15)
    Aluminum Pollen Grinder ($25)

Also VaporStore gives you options on accessories pertaining to your vape you’re ordering right there for you picked out. For example, I picked an Iolite Vaporizer and they offered extra stir sticks and a free can of butane, which was nice. Something worth mentioning is the gift wrapping. I have heard of no other vape store that offers gift wrapping and I think it’s awesome. I now have a method of messing with my friends by getting them a vape for their birthday and get it gift wrapped so they finally stop mooching off me!

What’s Unique About VaporStore:

Several things I mentioned above make this vendor unique such as the gift wrapping, the repair center, and the vaporizer buyer’s guide. I really really like this site. From the website design to their customer service to ease of using the ordering software they deliver on all fronts. I highly recommend using VaporStore if you are ordering vaporizers in the future.

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Flaky & unprofessional customer support, worthless warranty
The VaporTower is a fine product as desktop vaporizers go, but that may not matter if "lifetime warranty" is worthless and you can't get replacement parts and customer support is user-hostile.

After having countless technical difficulties trying to place an order and having to start over multiple times (order process stalling and looping at checkout stage) and calling customer service (phones ring 3 times then goes dead) and multiple messages through their support system to resolve, I was a bit upset and dropped the "F-bomb" twice in my last message.

Just as whatever was going wrong with their online orders cleared-up and the order was completed, I got a rude, ranting call back complaining about my language (he dropped his F-bomb twice as much as I did and accused me of saying things I hadn't) refusing any further support for their VaporTower product, insisting that the problems were on my end (his was the only site I was having these issues with, and I've been shopping online all week), and telling me this is why he doesn't answer the customer service phone. He complained that his customers are stoners, but sounded like a big-time stoner himself.

When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he said he was the guy in charge. He said something about comping the parts and that I was on my own for parts and support from now on. And he hung up on me when I apologized but pointed out he was doing everything he complained about, himself.

So, now the 'lifetime warranty' is void and I have to find other vendors for parts that are unique to this product.
December 22, 2017, 5:31 am
Ease Of Use20
Vapor Quality84
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