With basically every new electronic device coming out today having touch screen controls you had to wonder when we would see the first vaporizer that would incorporate this popular technology. Well, here we are with the viVape vaporizer by Vaporfection, creators of the Vaporfection Novus. This sleek looking vaporizer sports dual functionality, both bag and whip, and of course the very intriguing touch screen operation. First thing that came to mind for me was “please don’t let this touch screen be a piece of crap” and I’m sure you may be thinking the same. After some extensive sessions with the viVape here is what I thought…

viVape Vaporizer

Black viVape with whip attachment. When the blue viVape light turns on you are ready to vape.

Vaporfection viVape Overview

First off, the box of the viVape is beautiful. It’s nice to see other vaporizer companies other than Vapir stepping up their box game. Everything inside once opened was very neatly organized and came out with no fuss.

As with most products the viVape looked a lot bigger in pictures than it did in person, which is almost always a good thing. I went with the black finish, it is also available in white, and of course the first thing I took notice of was the touch screen area. When I powered on the viVape the touch screen immediately lit up, as well as the ring around the hole in the front where you put the whip or balloon attachment.

I played around with the touch screen controls and I must say they are responsive and the buttons displayed on there are big enough where those with huge sausage fingers don’t have to worry about using their knuckle to press the button like a cliche receptionist with huge acrylic nails trying to type on a keyboard. You have options to change your target temperature, see what the vape is currently heated to, select bag or whip operation, and of course turn the unit off.

The viVape as a whole isn’t really heavy, but isn’t light weight either, so don’t expect to be lugging this thing around with ease. I like how the hole for the whip attachment lights up blue, it’s more than a simple aesthetic addition though. When the light turns on blue it means your target temperature is reached. The viVape only takes about 2 minutes to fully heat up but I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to sit there and watch a vape heat up so I always like a simple light turning on or some indicator I can see from a distance to know the vaporizer is ready to go.

The whip has a glass on glass connection with the viVape’s heating element, so right off the bat I am expecting some very good results once I fire this thing up. The whip consists of 3 pieces: the food grade whip tubing itself with glass connection at the end, glass mouthpiece and a safety cover of sorts that is a small plastic piece that covers where the glass connector that goes into the heating element attaches to the whip so that you don’t burn yourself when going to stir or refill your material.

The balloon set up is, well, acceptable I guess. You use the same tubing as you do for the whip except you take off the whip mouthpiece and throw the balloon mouthpiece on there to fill it. The balloon is put together by taking the balloon mouthpiece and using the included zip ties to secure the bag to the mouthpiece. The balloon mouthpiece also has a stopper that pushed up and down so you can stop vapor from escaping when not pulling from it. Not as convenient as the Volcano’s method but it works well enough.

Other than that there is a vent on the back to keep the unit cool, which didn’t give off any excessive amount of heat where you would have to worry. Included with the viVape is everything you will need to get the unit up and running, including 6 additional screens for the whip. Now, let’s try this thing out.

viVape Touch Screen

Step 1: Turn it on. Step 2: Set sleep timer. Step 3: Set temp. Step 4: Vape it up!

First Time Using the viVape Vaporizer

This is gonna be a two parter, first the whip method, then the bag. Here goes…


First I decided to give the whip method a go. I set my temp to 390 degrees Fahrenheit and watched as it heated up. In total it took about 2 minutes for the viVape herbal vaporizer to heat up. As it was heating up I packed the bowl end of the whip. It said in the directions to use the “vacuum method” to fill it up, which is placing the bowl end of the whip over your previously ground up material and sucking in the mouthpiece end to have the herb just coat the screen evenly. I don’t usually care for this method but I decided to follow the instructions this time like a good little vapor enthusiast.

With the viVape heated up I threw the whip’s bowl end into the heating element and instantly the whip started pushing out vapor. This caught me off guard, but the viVape on the whip setting actually runs a low fan speed to basically feed you vapor. The speed at which the vapor comes out due to the fan is a comfortable one, so don’t stress thinking you are going to start blowing up like Violet Beauregard.

Between pulls I kept my thumb over the opening of the mouthpiece on the whip, to not let any precious vapor escape. I couldn’t seem to find any setting to turn the fan off while on whip mode and I didn’t really care for constantly holding my thumb over the whip mouthpiece. Just something worth noting.

While using the whip method I must say that the bowl end with my herb continually slid out of the viVape’s heating element opening. Like, constantly. This is supposed to be a hands free whip and it is anything but based off my first session with it. It’s never a good thing when you and your buddies try a vape for the first time and are already plotting how to prop the vape up so the whip stops coming out of the vape.

In the end it vaped the herb evenly and I got a lot of pulls out of jsut one pack. Also stirring at the mid way point is absolutely essential. After stirring it is like you put a whole fresh new pack in. Oh, and don’t bother with the stir tool that comes with the viVape. It is honestly the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever seen come with a vaporizer.


Meh. It’s not bad, but there are certain things that must be known for this to work properly. First, don’t be a dummy and have the balloon attached while the stopper is set in the position where it would block vapor from entering the balloon. I of course did this and felt dumb.

Second, do not over pack the bowl. If there is even a slight amount too much the bag will take about 4 years to fill up.

Now with that out of the way, once filled the bag did have nice vapor, but it is not nearly as thick as the vapor contained in an Extreme Q or Volcano balloon. If you are a vapor balloon enthusiast definitely stick with something like the Volcano or Extreme Q, don’t bother with the viVape.

viVape Review

The viVape whip produces smooth, clean, and flavorful vapor.

Vaporfection viVape After Consistent Use

I’ve only had the viVape for a month now but I can tell you I really do like it. I haven’t used the balloon since the first time I used it but I absolutely love the whip for it. Unfortunately there is some bad news to report with the whip and that is that the damn bowl end keeps sliding out while in use. I want to chalk this up to me moving around too much but even jsut reaching for the whip I’ve had it come out and spill herb everywhere. If it says hands free, it should be hand free. Bottom line.

The touch screen controls have held up wonderfully, they are still as fast and responsive as the first time I turned it on. Overall they could have just had buttons there but the touch screen is “cool” and something that really makes the viVape stand out. Another thing of note is the viVape has maintained its heat up time of about 2 minutes. Sometimes after using a vaporizer repeatedly you find the heat up time increasing slightly but I have yet to experience that with the viVape. Then again it has only been a month.

The whip and bowl pieces have required little to no cleaning as well. The food grade whip tubing is holding up magnificently. So on top of it being a great vape it is also pretty low maintenance.

viVape Vaporizer Final Thoughts

I love the viVape. But I love the viVape because I accept it for what it is: a powerhouse whip vaporizer and an OK bag vaporizer. Don’t fool yourself thinking this is the be all end all vaporizer just because there are touch screen controls. I am here to let you know that if this thing had no buttons or a touch screen I would still love it. This review is here to help you realize that the viVape is not just getting by on its new technology, it is a great vape.

Also, try the whip while putting the viVape on the bag / balloon setting. You can thank me later.

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