Volatizer VM3 Portable Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Volatizer VM3 is a portable herbal vaporizer that claims to deliver table top vaporizer vapor quality all in a very small portable package. They certainly price it as if it delivers vapor of that quality. I have to say I was very skeptical of this vaporizer when first seeing how much it cost, even if it did deliver on its lofty goals. Of course I had to try it out though, can’t knock it til I try it. So I bit the bullet on the price and ordered one. Here’s what I thought.

Volatizer VM3 First Impressions

The Volatizer VM3 portable vaporizer comes in a very nice leather case that has no markings on the outside other what so ever. So walking around with this case will be completely discrete. And if you might know someone who might be a little curious as to what you are storing in this nice little leather case don’t worry, it has 2 zippers that come together and it comes with a tiny lock and key to keep those zippers next to each other. So anyone snooping around is going to be shot down real fast.

When opening the case it reveals the vape itself which is in yet ANOTHER leather case, just in case you don’t want to carry the full case with you. The second case actually has a pouch on it to carry additional herbal discs, as well as a belt loop in case you want to look extra dorky carrying it around. Other than the VM3 itself there was a cleaning brush, tweezers, power cord, and 14 additional herbal discs (15 in all) that are used with the VM3. Throw ins like this are more than welcome with any vaporizer.

When I opened up the leather carrying case and inspected the vape itself I was initially torn. The outer shell is polycarbonate with an LED digital temperature read out. The actual size of it is not pocket size, it is a little bigger than the palm of my hand and a little under 2 inches thick. Technically you could fit the VM3 in your pocket but it is going to be really really uncomfortable.

There are temperature buttons to raise or lower the temp, so setting your temperature is just as easy as it is with the Vapir NO2. Before setting your temperature though, there is a power button at the lower half of the face of the Volatizer VM3. Once you hit that the LED readout will light up blue and you can set your temp.

Once you know what temperature you want and have set it you have to hold the “heat” button on the side in order to have it start heating up. So I’m thinking initially that that could get annoying.

On the other side of the vape, opposite of the heat button, is where the herb chamber is. When you slide it up the herb disc will pop out at you. It doesn’t eject completely from the vape but enough for you to grab it. This is where you actually load your herb or tobacco. According to the instructions for the Volatizer VM3 you can also put oils onto a cotton swab, insert the cotton swab into the herb disc, and then vaporize that as well.

On the back of the VM3 is a little sliding black piece, only way I can think of describing it, and this slides the mouthpiece in and out of the VM3. There is a lid at the top that also slides to keep the mouthpiece in the vape. This is for safety reasons. When the mouthpiece lid is closed the vape can NOT turn on. So if you do put it in your pocket you don’t have to worry about turning it on and burning yourself or wasting battery life.

The Volatizer VM3 definitely has a lot going for it so far. Lots of features and additional parts being included is a great start and has left a good first impression.

My First Volatizer VM3 Experience

Now we know the Volatizer VM3 definitely delivers on packaging and additional accessories but here is the true test. The herb disc has a small little thing that you pull to get the top screen off of the herb disc. It is really small and might be a little hard to open for those with fat fingers or bigger hands. However, it does come with tweezers and they work great to open up the herb discs and also remove the herb discs from the chamber when they are still hot.

Once it was opened I put some ground up material inside, while not packing it entirely full as per the included instructions. I’d say it was about half way full with material, but it is a little hard to judge. Next I slid the herb disc back into the vape and shut the hatch.

After trying to turn it on repeatedly and being unsuccessful I remembered that I had to take the mouthpiece out of the vape in order to turn it on, feeling pretty stupid. Once the mouthpiece was out I turned on the VM3 with the power button and started setting my temperature. With any new vape I always start around 380 degrees Fahrenheit and that would be no different with the VM3.

I held down the heat button and was surprised at how fast it was heating up. It did slow down a little bit when it got around 325 degrees but not too bad. Overall it was about a minute and a half to 2 minutes total to heat up.

Now here is where I have a problem. Holding down this heat button is a huge pain in the ass. It is just annoying. Once it is heated up you STILL have to keep it held down to keep its temperature. There isn’t much convenience to this method.

Anyway, I took a nice slow pull from the VM3 and at first didn’t get too big of a pull. But with continued pulls I was getting decent size pulls that were both cool and very smooth. I can say I experience very little to no coughing when using the Volatizer VM3 and although it still doesn’t compare to something like the Extreme Q, it has a really nice vapor quality.

So I’d say the VM3 does slightly deliver on its promise of a table top vaporizer in a portable package, just not the best table top vaporizer.

Volatizer VM3 After Continued Use

After using the VM3 vape for a while I can say I do really like this vaporizer. It has a good vapor quality and the extras they give you when you first get it all came in handy. Cleaning the Volatizer is pretty simple because all that really gets dirty are the herb discs themselves. Luckily they include those extra 14 discs, because in my opinion replacing the discs is wiser than cleaning them. That isn’t to say you can’t clean them but it just might be more trouble than it is worth.

The battery has held up fine as far as keeping the charge and it is still heating up as fast as the first time I used it. I’ve had it for about a month and a half and have only gone through 3 discs so far. So there are still plenty of discs left to work with.

The small amount of material that is used in each disc really impresses me as well. One small disc half full of material was more than enough for one session and it is hard to explain how much goes into the disc. It is a VERY small amount and it stretches really far.

Holding down the heat button to vaporize is still pretty annoying. I wish they had simply made it so you press the heat button once to have it heat to temperature and then press it again for it to stop heating and cool down. Something as simple as this would have made a world of difference.

The herb discs are hit and miss for me. On one hand I really like that they are very tiny and only hold a small amount of material because it gets the most out of that small amount. On the other hand if you do want to clean them it can be a pain because you have to actually pop the screen part out of the outer shell that is around it. It’s obviously not impossible but it is difficult.

Also there will be times where you open the hatch to the herb chamber on the Volatizer VM3 and the herb disc doesn’t pop out like it should. Then you have to grab the tweezers and pull it out and it can just become an annoyance. It is up to you if these annoyances outweigh the fact that they stretch a small amount of material a long way.

The Final Word on the Volatizer VM3 Portable Herbal Vaporizer

Ultimately the VM3 is a great portable vaporizer with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. It is very easy to use, easy to clean, and has shown no signs of breaking down. Does it justify the high price tag? I guess that depends. This vape is for people who vaporize on the go A LOT. Enough to justify the price. What I’m saying is the VM3 is easily worth it if you are mostly vaping anywhere but home.

If you are constantly out and don’t have any need for a vape to use at home then I definitely would recommend the Volatizer VM3. There is nothing stopping you from using the VM3 at home of course, but it is truly meant to deliver an excellent vaporizing experience on the go.

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