Today we’re going to compare two very well-known and longstanding siblings in the vaporizer market, the Volcano Digit and the Volcano Classic.

Volcano Classic versus Volcano Digit

First off, a cursory glance at the two units side-by-side reveals the most obvious and glaring difference which of course is the numbered dial and the digital electronic readout. Now for me, the Classic works just fine as it is, since I really am the opposite of a techie, and could care less about numeric displays.

For the more discriminating vaporist however, I can easily see them choosing the Digit over the Classic as it allows for more user control and fine tuning. That’s not to say the Classic isn’t consistent at its numbered settings on the dial, it’s just to factually state that a readout on the thermostat is going to give you more information as to what exactly your Volcano is doing, and how hot it actually is.

There is also a lesser known difference regarding the heating element which simply is, the Classic has a slightly larger margin of error at -+5 degrees Celsius whereas the Digit clocks in at about -+2. This doesn’t seem like much, but there are many users who have used both and have found the Digital to be more reliable on a session-to-session basis.

Another nuance is that the Volcano digital has an auto shut-off and the Classic does not. A seemingly inconsequential aspect in the grand scheme, but I have myself left my Classic on untold amounts of times being sidetracked by God knows what, so it is indeed handy to have the technology getting your back in the event your brain fails to remember to turn your vaporizer off.

The next thing we’ll talk about is price. The Classic clocks in at 539 bucks while the Volcano Digit times in at 669 dollars. That’s quite a difference indeed, and you have to really ask yourself if the digital readout is going to be worth it to you. No really, ask yourself. Think about the digital vaporizers you’ve used, and then ponder the knob-style ones you’ve gotten your hands on.

Which one felt more user-friendly to -you-. We’re not talking about the next guy here. This is always going to come down to personal preference when all is said and done, and so the purpose of this article is to highlight the differing aspects of the two units, and then let the user decide which feels the snugger fit.

The warranty on the Digit is a full one year shorter at two years in comparison to the Classic’s full three year coverage. That tells me the Classic is probably going to stand up to more abuse, and of course this makes sense for very obvious reasons. You either want industrial grade durability or high-tech, but you could very well argue that the Digit provides both to at least a decent extent. On the other hand, the electronic readout is most certainly the one weak point in terms of construction for the Volcano Digit, while the Classic, for all its lack of glitz and aesthetics does not really have a single one to speak of.

The bottom line is, you’re either a no-frills guy like me who likes to keep it simple, or you’re a techno-savvy electronic loving person at heart who will absolutely revel in awe as you watch the temperature climb in real time on the numeric display. To each their own, but one thing’s for sure, the Volcano is still the king of vaporizers, and that definitely includes the Classic along with the Digit.

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