So what’s the result of my first digital Volcano Vaporizer experience? In short, this thing is QUALITY. If I had to choose one thing I simply couldn’t. If I had to choose two things however, they would be taste and EFFECT, EFFECT, EFFECT! I was astonished by the efficiency of this wonderful device.

Volcano Experience

I mean, we barely used any greens and were able to fill approximately (lost count) 10 balloons! The Volcano Vaporizer substantially streeeeeeeetches the herbal material you have and delivers very clean, almost sweet tasting results every time. From the first balloon to the last there were none of the off-tastes that can sometimes be present with budget vaporizers and there was barely any decline in the quality and taste of the vapor.

It reminded me of standing over a common household humidifier and breathing in the steam. Was a very nice change. For anyone concerned with the respiratory/lung problems that can sometimes be associated with smoking herbs in the traditional methods health this would probably be the wisest investment you can make.

I Love My Volcano Vaporizer

I really hate to write strictly positive reviews but my Volcano Digital has risen to the challenge. I know, I know – you’re saying “the high price can be considered a con” BUT I am telling you to use this vape is to believe. Shit, I practically consider it a member of my FAMILY now! Final word is the Volcano vaporizer is so efficient your herbs go a lot further, saving you money by default.

Add to that so many other pros including health and the level of enjoyment you will get just out of using it and it esentially pays for itself and will do so again and again. A wise investment and unparalleld quality = a great value, end.

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