The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is a healthy alternative to the traditional, medicinal, and ritualistic methods of smoking herbs. Like any vaporizer, the Volcano does not actually burn the herbs you put inside the vaporization chamber.

The Volcano was one of the first vaporizers on the market and remains the most popular by a rather large margin. But what makes the Volcano so great, if anything? Let’s tale a look at all its features.

Volcano Vaporizer First Impressions

I have a Volcano Classic already that I purchased from VaporStore, had one long before this site was established, but I now purchased the Digit version because I have heard great things, great enough where it is worth getting even when I already own the Classic. So I will cover both versions in this review.

Both the Volcano Digit and Volcano Classic come in a nice cardboard box with a picture of the Volcano unit on the front and some information on the vape in general written around the box. An additional box came as well with the Volcano Easy Valve Kit, which contained 5 vapor balloons with mouthpieces, the filling chamber, a screen set, a cleaning brush, and a liquid pad (for vaporizing oils).

So between the 2 boxes I had everything I needed to use either Volcano. On the Volcano Classic the design is very straight forward. You have the top where the filling chamber goes, a temperature knob positioned directly in the middle of the vape, and then a red heat button, green power/fan button, and centered yellow light that indicates the vape is on.

With the Digit everything is the same except one major change. The temperature knob is replaced with an LED digital temperature read out and plus and minus buttons to control the temperature level. The buttons seem really solid and the whole LED set up seems sturdy as well, so you won’t be sacrificing any durability when you get the Digit model.

The Volcano vaporizer in general is a rather large vape considering the newer products out there now. The Volcano in no way advertises itself as a portable vape but it is worth mentioning. This definitely isn’t the vape you are going to be hauling over to your friend’s house very often.

The differences with the different Volcanos visually really begins and ends with the digital display. Everything else on the vape is pretty identical. So when you choose between the 2 you know with the Digit things might be a little easier but you save some money with the Classic version.

The aluminum design of the Volcano vape seems as tough as a tank. I think you would be hard pressed to break this vaporizer. My Volcano Classic has held up beautifully through the years and the Volcano Digit seems to be just as durable. This is of course just going off looks, but I can’t see the Digit being any less durable than the Classic.

My First Volcano Experience

After plugging in the Volcano I set my temperature to my desired setting and hit the red heat button and saw the temperature read out start climbing. The temperature read out shows both the current temp the vape is at and the temperature you set, so you will know exactly when it reaches your selected temperature. It took only about 2 to 3 minutes to heat up with both versions, so you won’t be waiting around for too long until it is time to vaporize.

The herb chamber, or filling chamber, twists open pretty easily, revealing a huge screen to put your material on. Be careful not to put too much material on the screen because you don’t want to waste any. Once the material is in there twist the top back on and place the filling chamber on top of the Volcano.

Now that the filling chamber is up on the Volcano and it is all heated up you can take out one of the balloons with the Easy Valve cap and remove the black mouthpiece part. This should leave the orange piece and it should have a hole that will fit right over the tip of the filling chamber. Once connected hit the green button to start the fan. This will kick the Volcano Digit  into gear and start filling the balloon with vapor at a pretty quick pace.

While the Volcano vaporizer is filling I like to babysit the bag a little to make sure it is filling evenly and it doesn’t go flying off when it is full. You’ll be able to easily tell when the balloon is full at which point you take it off the filling chamber and quickly throw the black cap back on. Now the balloon is full of vapor and it’s time to get to business.

The way the Easy Valve works is when you push the black top to the mouthpiece down with your lips it will open the balloon and allow you to pull from it. It is really close to one of those old Gatorade bottles that came out that had the same idea.

The pulls from the Volcano balloon are absolutely awesome. Nice thick, smooth and great tasting vapor. I lost track a little, but one pack of the filling chamber filled close to 10 balloons. That is outrageous. The Volcano really stretches your material.

Once the balloon was done I had the option of filling another one or concluding the session. Cleaning the Volcano after use is as simple as dumping your used material out. The balloons don’t require any cleaning right away and will only require cleaning after many uses in my experience. Plus you can go out and buy extra balloons for real cheap if you don’t want to clean them.

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Volcano After Consistent Use

I have been as happy with my Volcano Digit as I always was with my Volcano Classic. The digital display does add an extra element of simplicity that really puts the Volcano over the top. The Classic was and still is a really great vaporizer but if you have the extra cash I suggest the digital model.

The vapor quality on the Volcano each time you use it is one thing that has yet to let me down. Each time I fill a balloon I get a ton out of the material and the balloons are always packed full with great tasting and cool vapor. The Volcano really does excel at stretching whatever material you use.

The large filling chamber really gets every last bit of your material utilizing its dual screen design. So the Volcano, like a lot of vaporizers, still really ends up paying for itself.

A lot of people are bummed that the volcano has no whip option, but when you have one method perfected you really don’t even feel the need to use a vapor whip when using the Volcano. I’m typically a fan of either method of vaporizing but the Volcano has swayed me towards balloon inflation.

The Gatorade style mouthpiece adds a lot of extra convenience. With a lot of balloon inflating vapes it is basically up to you to cover the mouthpiece opening to stop vapor from creeping out. With the Volcano you can sit back and relax, knowing the vapor is staying put until you say so.

The only other vape with something similar is the Zephyr Ion (now discontinued) but that had a button you had to push down, unlike the convenient way the Volcano does it by just putting the mouthpiece to your lips.

The Final Word on the Volcano

To me the only things that needs to be considered when thinking about purchasing a Volcano would be: will you miss using a whip and can you afford to drop the money on it. If the answers were no and then yes then you should definitely pick up a Volcano Vaporizer.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m shoving sunshine up the Volcano’s ass, but it really is a great vape. Are there others out there competitively priced that can be just as good or close to as good as the Volcano? Sure there are some close, really only the Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 compares though, and when purchasing a Volcano I highly highly doubt you would regret it.

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