VripTech VripMaster Agent 007 Vaporizer Review

The VripMaster Agent 007 Tech Vaporizer is a vape that is powered by a forced air heat gun. The heat gun is widely regarded as the best one on the market to this date. The VripMaster is on the rather expensive side at $500 and seems like the price tag is a bit high for a vape this complicated.

By complicated I just mean that the heat gun is a little much and when you are only about $50 away from a Volcano, why not spend the extra money for a better vape? But I don’t mean to make this vape sound like a pile of horse crap, it isn’t.

It is mostly the price tag that is unappealing. The VripMaster is extremely easy to clean. They supply all the tools you need to clean it and clean it thoroughly. The VripMaster is definitely a little odd looking. Looks more like a blow dryer or a power drill than a vaporizer. It has a digital temperature readout as well so that makes things easier on you too.

What do I like about VripMaster Agent 007 Tech Herbal Vaporizers?

The VripTech VripMaster uses a ceramic coil to heat and vaporize the herb, so the herb is never actually coming into contact with the heating element like a lot of other vaporizers. This shows through in taste and the harshness of the vapor. I did find that the three piece bowl assembly was a bit rough, a little more work than you may find necessary.

Here is what comes packaged with the VripTech VripMaster:

  • Steinel Heat Gun
  • Water Pipe
  • Vaporization Chamber Bowl
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual

The VripMaster Vaporizer also comes with a standard one year warranty, but I doubt you will ever need it, this vape is built rock solid. Another reason you will not need a warranty is you are supplied with a sweet briefcase style carrying case.

When closed it looks like you are the James Bond of vaporizing. On the inside it has cut outs that fit each piece this the VripMaster comes with snugly in it’s own place. As someone who does his best to stay organized this case is definitely a welcome addition and is made with high quality. But I can’t help but wonder the what the price of the VripMaster would have been without the case.

Click here to see the easy step by step instructions I used for the VripTech VripMaster Agent 007 Vaporizer.

The method of using this vape is a bit awkward, given the fact you are using a heating gun but this is only something that takes a little getting used to and eventually becomes second nature. Like I said, this vape is pretty pricey so I have a hard time recommending it when there are better vapes for significantly less money.

But the one thing that can’t go unnoticed is the difference in the vapor. The VripMaster 007 is much smoother than most and really is a great experience.

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