Wispr Portable Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Wispr is a brand new portable herbal vaporizer by Oglesby & Butler, who are the creators of the I-Inhale later well known as the Iolite. The Iolite has always been a very popular portable vaporizer despite the fact that there are much better portable vapes out there for less money.

Word of mouth and ignorance can be a volatile combination. OK I think I’m being a little harsh but to me the Iolite was a decent vape that didn’t hold up over time.

So here is their next effort which promises a better vaping experience as well as an improved design that corrects many gripes people had with the Iolite. Let’s undress the Wispr, shall we?

Wispr First Impressions

Just like the Iolite, the Wispr comes in some nice packaging. It’s a plain white looking box with what kind of looks like a sketch of the Wispr on top and it says “Wispr by Iolite” in the corner. When you slide the top part of the box off, just like you did with the Iolite, it exposes the Wispr vape nestled nicely in a cardboard outline.

When you open it from there it has all the extra mesh cleaning materials that also came with the Iolite, so as of now this is really similar to what you got when first opening the Iolite.

Next I immediately began inspection of the vape itself because at this point I had only seen stock manufacturer photos, which are always deceiving. Right away you notice several things. Let’s go over all of them, because there are a lot.

First, the design is more of a box/rectangular shape as opposed to the the smooth edges of the Iolite. Right away I wasn’t a fan of this. One great thing about the Iolite is it was just like having a cell phone in your pocket, the Wispr barely fits in my pocket and when it does it is extremely irritating. This is kind of a trade off though. Many complained about how hot the Iolite could get and when in use putting it in your pocket could irritate, if not burn you.

This wider design that Oglesby & Butler went with is made to resist the unit heating up to excessive levels. So there are pros and cons here. Aside from the brick like design I have to say I’m not really a fan of the designer/retro look they went with.

There is kind of a waffle like look to it and it just seems too loud for me. On top of that they use color names like “Espresso, Oyster, Pumpkin, Pistachio, and Grape” which to me I just want to be be like “Come on, stop trying so hard. It’s a vape, not a Coach purse.”

My next observation was an extremely positive one. The mouthpiece this time around is not plastic like the old one where you had to worry about it snapping off and often unscrewed it when not in use. This mouthpiece is silicon and actually folds down onto the vape and snaps in so you don’t have to worry about messing it up.

This was a simple yet awesome addition and it’s a shame they didn’t retain a smoother edged design because coupled with this new mouthpiece it would have been awesome.

On to another nice addition, there is a butane window that displays the actual level of the butane you are using. Many wanted a digital display to let you know the butane level, but you can’t honestly tell me that looking at the actual butane level is less efficient than trusting some computer measurement of how much is left. I definitely prefer the added butane window, no reason to get too fancy. Plus, a digital temperature display would have just increased the price further.

When I pulled the mouthpiece off to check out the herb chamber, it is located under the mouthpiece just like the Iolite, I found it to look pretty much identical to the Iolite’s herb chamber. It still has the steel heating pin coming up the middle and everything. The Iolite’s herb chamber was never an area of concern for most so as they say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So far it looks like they have improved upon the Iolite, design wise, but I am still not sold on the new shape, so I am hoping it does its job and quickly disperses heat so it stays cool to the touch. Other than that the rest are welcome additions, especially the mouthpiece.

My First Wispr Experience

One new thing I didn’t touch on above in my initial reactions to the Wispr portable vape is the new trigger system. I didn’t mention it because to be honest I wasn’t sure how it worked initially. I’ll get in to that in a second though. I opened up the herb chamber, threw my ground up material in and closed it back up.

Now, according to the instructions, I press the trigger down once, which started that hissing noise you may be all too familiar with from the Iolite, and then from there you click it down again which ignites it. Now another great addition reared its head, on the side there is a small LED light that turns on to let you know the Wispr vaporizer is fired up.

From there I waited about a minute and pulled from the mouthpiece. First off, I got a way bigger pull than I ever did with the Iolite but I still got more of an airy vapor pull than most other vapes offer. So compared to the Iolite so far the vaping experience was basically the same, but it did accumulate vapor hits much faster than the Iolite so that is a plus.

After about an hour of use the Wispr vape was surprisingly still pretty cool. It warmed slightly but no where near as much as the Iolite did. So the big blocky design did pay off, however, I’m still bummed it is so uncomfortable when in your pocket.

When I was done I the used material dumped out of the chamber with ease and it didn’t really look like much cleaning would be required of it at that time, but that is only after one use. Overall after my first run through I liked the Wispr more than the Iolite, but that still might not be saying much because again, I am not all that impressed by the Iolite.

The Wispr After Consistent Use

After using the Wispr portable herbal vaporizer for an extended amount of time I am happy to report that it is definitely an improvement upon the Iolite in a lot of ways. The only problem is where it really counts, vapor quality. It is still really similar to the Iolite.

I let the butane run continuously after a brand new refill and I found that generally you are going to get anywhere from 2.5 to 3 hours of vaporizing out of one full butane tank. In my time with the Wispr I also have to say that the butane window is much appreciated. Guessing on the butane level with the Iolite was perhaps the most frustrating element of it. To have this guessing game completely eliminated is great.

Cleaning with the Wispr was exactly like the Iolite. Any type of solvent or soapy water on a q-tip is perfect for cleaning the herb chamber. The silicon mouthpiece is also a light grey color so you won’t experience any nasty looking yellow color taking over and I have yet to have the mouthpiece get to a point where it affected the flavor of the vapor.

Most importantly is the Wispr portable vaporizer is all around more durable than the Iolite. The Iolite was commonly known for being sent back numerous times by customers for a repair on this or that and that doesn’t seem like something you will encounter with the Wispr, however, the Wispr is still very new and it could always happen down the line.

The Final Word on The Wispr

The Wispr is a bit frustrating to me. It’s a nice vape, it improves on the Iolite in a lot of ways, but why is it more expensive than the Iolite when it was first introduced? To me if your product is popular, despite some downfalls, and you correct those problems you should lower the price on the older model and have the new product takes its current price point.

As much as I disagree with how Apple comes out with something and then has a new model a year later at least they know they have improved it and can charge what they did for the old model. Maybe the Wispr will drop in price as it hits more places over time but until then it is something that bothers me.

Overall the Wispr vaporizer is an improvement over the Iolite in many ways and worth some of the attention it will undoubtedly get. Just don’t go rushing to buy one because I have a strong feeling either the price will drop after a wider release or you will see some ridiculous coupons for it to knock that price down.

I’ll update the post accordingly if I find any coupons knocking the price to something more manageable.

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